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Finding the Perfect Pediatrician

My husband and I are looking for a pediatrician in the Moon Township area as that is where we currently live.  We will probably move to Ross Township in a few years, so we wouldn't have a problem with going to a pediatrician in that area, but if we could find one in Moon Township, that would be more convenient for us at this point.  This is our first baby and I'm not really sure how to begin the process of looking for a pediatrician.  We would really like to have the opportunity to meet the doctor or team of doctors to see if we like them.  Does anybody know of any pediatricians who might offer something like a meet-and-greet for new parents?  I am really uncomfortable with the idea of selecting a pediatrician that I haven't met in person.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you! Big Smile

Re: Finding the Perfect Pediatrician

  • Sorry, I don't know too many in the area as we just moved here a year ago, but my realtor recommended Pediatric Alliance and we LOVE them.  They have alot of office locations!
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