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18 y/o mom put cigarette in baby's mouth

This was on my local radio station's FB page. Just wanted to share...
(I don't agree with what she did, but I wanted to share)

18-year-old Rebecca Davey of England, posted a picture on Facebook of her 6-month-old baby, Ollie, with an unlit CIGARETTE dangling from his mouth. Shockingly, someone reported her to the police. And an investigation by Social Services found that there were, quote, "no immediate concerns" for Ollie's welfare. Rebecca has since removed the picture. (Daily Mail)


Re: 18 y/o mom put cigarette in baby's mouth

  • Umm yeh that is rediculous. I cant beleive the things social services find acceptable these days.
  • Oh.My.Lord.

    How terrible. If that is the stuff shes posting because she thinks its ok what is happening behind closed doors. 

    Poor child.

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  • well, i wouldn't assume they find it acceptable, really.  i am more inclined to believe it just isn't "bad enough" for them to intervene.  social services is short on money, people, and resources and unfortunately, they have to priorotize cases.  when they are dealing with children who are abused or severely neglected, one poor parenting decision of this degree just doesn't warrant action.
  • Some people should not be allowed to keep their children.
  • I can't stand it when people take pictures of kids pretending to smoke/drink/gamble. It's just not funny.
  • image katieriedel:
    Some people should not be allowed to keep their children.
    this! I can't believe someone would even play around like this! I know many people who specifically quit smoking because first of course they didn't want to hurt their baby but also because they didn't want their baby to think it was ok for them to do it... Lead by example right?

  • Stupid
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  • Idiot. Why would someone think that is funny?

    We have a picture of my son at around 18 months doing "cheers" using his sippy cup to cheers with his daddy's beer. It's funny since he wanted to "cheers" with everything when he learned it, but I never shared that picture with anyone. Didn't think a beer and a baby in the same pictures would be funny if you didn't know the concept!

  • That's something that a dumbasss teenager would do.
  • Ok ladies I get that it was seriously a dumb thing for her to do but the comments about some people shouldnt be allowed to keep their kids and being amazed by what social services find acceptable these days are a little much.  I am a Child Protection SW and really this is MINOR compared the issues I deal with on a daily basis. NO harm was comitted to this child by putting a cig(not lit) in its mouth, is it dumb yes is it somewhat unacceptable yes..is it remotely child abuse NO.  When we work with families we have conditions they need to meet in order for us to close, what would you suggest the conditions be?  If this was an ongoing case the worker would likely see the parent and child once a month, remind her of apporpriate choices as a parent and leave it at that.  There are children that are in far worse situations that are being harmed on a daily basis that workers need to focus on.  Again we cannot be everywhere and fix everything.  Heck even if we are working with a family the liklihood that they really are going to change is not all that high....they do what they need to do for the time being and we move on. 

    This post wasnt to be rude just hopefully to open your eyes a bit

  • Um..as a funny side note..at my friends wedding, her husband gave out plastic wrapped cigars. Well, the groomsman in the back seat put his on top of the diaper bag and fell asleep in route to the reception. Guess what baby found! We heard the wrapper rustling, but thought he was just playing with it. When I turned around it was wrapped up still, but in his mouth! His dad loves that picture because it's his first of his son "being a man". We also learned NOT to put the groomsman sit in the back seat with the baby anymore.


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