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Recommending my OB. REALLY long but hope it helps!

I see my OB at Goodman and Partridge here in Gilbert. I know some people love the practice and others are ambivalent. 

There are frustrations--they're usually really busy. Early pregnancy appointments were always slightly lower priority (I mean you pee in a cup and have a five minute conversation so I can see why a woman in labor is a little more pressing) and usually had a several hour wait.

There are 18 doctors in the practice so you'll see everyone and their mother before you deliver--that does give you a good idea though of who you like, etc. and they will do their best to avoid further appointments with anyone you just aren't comfortable with. 

Anyway, this is my second pregnancy. Last time around I had an emergency C-section after a failed induction. I was with Goodman and Patridge but didn't have a specific doctor. I got lucky and one of the doctors I really liked was on call that day and performed my C-section.

So in theory, as a repeat C-section this time around they told me I could pick my doctor and only see that doctor for each visit. I picked the same one who delivered my daughter.

But by my third or fourth visit I was consistently in the waiting room for forever before they would come out and tell me she was in surgery or on call and I'd end up seeing the PA or another doctor.

Finally one day when scheduling my routine appt. I asked why they weren't scheduling me with my doctor. She was still with the practice but was only seeing patients at Power and Ray and only delivering at Mountain Vista (which is at Signal Butte and the 60). That was a little less than convenient because I live 5 minutes from Mercy Gilbert and there is a Goodman and Patridge office directly across the street.

They told me I could see another dr. and I decided to give her a try.

She's Dr. Baum and she's really cool. At first I was a little hesitant because she seems really young. Obviously she is qualified because she's not a PA, she's an actual M.D. but it threw me for a loop since the other docs I'd seen were in their 40s-50s.

She's very earthy and hippyish which I love. It's totally my personality. She talks quickly, is kind of goofy but totally connected with me on a personal level. She knows what I do for a living (wedding florist) and asked for my card. She took the time to look up my site and remembered at my next appointment who I was and complimented me on my work. Since then we've talked about my job, my kid, the weather--you name it.

Our pregnancy went routinely until 32 weeks when my baby stopped growing. She immediately went from "small talk" to "doctor" and the whole mood changed. Very professional--as it should be. 

I felt in good hands with each appointment.

Now I'm full term and another C-section is looming on Friday. It wasn't supposed to be until the first week of February and it was supposed to be scheduled, routine, nothing to it.

Well now with my kid's status it's more of an emergency situation.

She called me this morning personally to set up the time (normally it's going through 16 assistants, voicemail, etc.) and she isn't on call on Friday so she's coming in on her own time to perform the C-section since I've spent the most visits with her, she knows my situation, etc.

Obviously someone is going to pay for that, probably my insurance but it made me feel good none the less.

So I highly recommend Dr. Baum. She will also work with for a VBAC if you want to go that route. Some doctors won't.  

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Re: Recommending my OB. REALLY long but hope it helps!

  • That's great to hear with all of the crappy things I've heard about that office! Good luck with your c section, I hope everyone is safe and it goes smoothly!!!
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  • I am also a patient at Goodman and Partridge and have not had any problems. Dr. Baum is one of my favorites out of the few I have seen. You can tell she knows her stuff and is a very genuine person. I know you are in good hands and I wish you the best of luck for your delivery!! She is the one I am crossing my fingers will be able to deliver my baby.
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  • I feel so blessed to have found Dr. Baum. This is my first pregnancy and after a few visits with other doctors, we (DH and I) could not have been happier with her. It was great to hear your story. Thank you for sharing!
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