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Any moms who had low amniotic fluid?

I am posting from 3rd tri but there are not too many over there who have had or have low amniotic fluid so I thought I would try here.

Did any of you have this? Did you end up being induced and/or have a c-section? At what week gestation?

What week did you discover the low amniotic fluid? Was it accompanied by a definite problem w/the placenta or definite ureter/kidney issue? Did you drink lots of water to try to fix the problem? Did that help or did your #s keep declining?

Any info you can give would be really helpful... thank you!!

Re: Any moms who had low amniotic fluid?

  • toward the end my fluid was borderline (an 8) but I also had growth issues going on so that's the main reason they induced me. I had my 34 week growth u/s which showed the decrease in growth and the low fluid, they didn't say anything about trying to increase the fluid. They did another u/s at 35 weeks and 36 weeks and the fluid had not changed.

    I was induced at 36w 5d and had a vaginal delivery, no complications, etc.

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  • i did- I had a slow leak. As soon as we discovered it (at 40w,3d), my OB sent me to the hospital to be induced.... which then lead to a c-section. sorry :(

    I have no idea what my OB would have done if it were earlier-- but I think my LO actually punctured me and caused the leak the day before. She was stabbing me like crazy that night and I felt leaking.

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  • I had low amniotic fluid with my first child and ended up having a c-section.  However, not just because of the fluid, she was also breech and due to the low fluid we couldn't turn her.  Good luck!
  • I was sent over to the hospital at 38 weeks 5 days for high blood pressure, and they discovered my fluid was low at that time an decided to induce me right away.  During labor lo's heart rate kept dropping, so I ended up being rushed in for a c-section.

    I drank a TON of water throughout the entire pregnancy, so obviously that didn't have an effect on the fluid levels.  DD was very tiny for a full term baby (5lbs 4oz) so they do think my placenta was failing and that may have had something to do with the fluid levels and my high blood pressure too.

    Good Luck!!

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  • they discovered my low fluid at 41 weeks, 1 day via ultrasound.  He passed all NST's with flying colors & measured on-track, so there was never any suspicion of low fluid until then.

    I was induced the next day & he was born vaginally at 41 weeks, 3 days.

  • Yes, times three.  My first daughter's was a little bit more concerning, as it dropped to under five.  She was born with induction and an epidural.  My second was at 8, so borderline, but she came naturally without pitocin or an epidural.  Number three's fluid dropped to 5, so we induced the next day.  I was able to have Matthew without any pain meds, but it was hard.  He was pretty small, which helped.  He was 5 lbs, 13 oz, which isn't tiny, but for 38 weeks it is small.  Certain babies just do better out in the world, I guess.  Anyway, I have very positive stories to tell, so try not to worry too much!

    BTW, they found it at 36 weeks.  Before then I had just measured a week or two behind, but at that point I only measured 32, 4 weeks behind.

  • At my 40 week appointment, they found my fluid to be a 4.5.  I was induced immediately (within 3 hours).  I had to have a cervical catheter put in since I was zero dialated, but I went on to have my beautiful, perfeclty healthy boy vaginally the next day with no complications at all!
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  • The last few wks it was borderline low so they just checked it every wk.  Then at 40 wks it was a 6 so I was induced that day and everything is/was just fine.
  • I had low fluid and was induced at 39 weeks.  I have had low fluid in every pregnancy.  With my first, it go low enough that the doctor I was seeing (mine was out of town, so I saw her partner) induced at 36 weeks, but my placenta had also aged too fast as well, so that played a big role in why so early.  With my other two pregnancies there were no other problems.  Drinking more water didn't help.  When DS (my second) was born, thye were surprised at the amount of fluid I had when they broke my water.  With DD, I had an u/s a few days before my induction date and my levels were normal, so for whatever reason, my levels seem to go up sometime right before delivery.  It's still enough of a concern to my doctor to go ahead and induce.

    With DD1-fluids were 6.1 when I was induced

    With DS-got down to 5.2

    With DD2-got to 5, hovered between 5 and 6 except a few days before my induction where it jumped to 15 out of nowhere.

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  • At 36w2d, I started to bleed a little bit. This led to the discovery of my low fluid.  They admitted to the hospital overnight to try to hydrate me through an IV in an attempt to fix the problem.  It didn't, and they checked me every other day for a week, and the number slowly, but steadily decreased (ultimately to 5 something). I was induced at 37w2d and Charlie was born the next day (so, 37w3d).  He was only 4lbs15oz, but had been measuring small all along. 
  • At my 37 week u/s determined to have low fluid (7). I ended up going into labor on my own at 37w3d; although I did have another u/s scheduled for 38weeks. Healthy baby.
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  • At 30 weeks i was hospitalized for Preterm labor, they also discovered my fluid was low. Once I was on medication to stop contractions I was told to drink A LOT of water. My levels went back to normal then dropped. This was a pattern of low then normal the remainder of my pregnancy. I was literally getting ultrasounds 2 times a week from 30 weeks until I delivered at 38 weeks naturally. 

    I was scheduled to be induced because my level was 5.9 at 38 weeks even though I was drinking over 3 liters of water a day (101 ounces!!)  My induction was going to be on a wednesday and the saturday before my body started having contractions (I had stopped the medication at 36 weeks) and 11 hours later I delivered without pitocin.

    My only advice is drink LOTS and LOTS of water, don't sweat, and don't eat anything with salt. I was also told to stay away from caffeine. Good Luck!   

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  • Thank you all so much! Your answers have been incredibly helpful!
  • During an 18 week ultrasound, they discovered my fluid was low. They said it should be in the high teens, but I was a 9. So for the remainder of my pregnancy I had to see a specialist twice a week so they could do a Non Stress Test and and sonogram to monitor the development of the baby.

    I was instructed to drink a gallon of water a day, which was extremely hard for me and didn't seem to have a whole lot to do with my fluid levels. I continued to bounce around between 4 and 11 the whole pregnancy. 

    My baby started off on the small side of normal, but it seemed like my placenta was a late bloomer because towards the end I was consistently at 10 and 11 and his growth rate increased dramatically.

    I don't know if it was due to the lack of amniotic fluid or if my baby was just stubborn, but I had to have a C-section in my 39th week because the baby was breech in the frank position. So they had to chop me open and yank him out butt-first.

    But I now have a perfect, gorgeous, 4-day old with absolutely no health problems.

    He was 7 lbs 13 oz and 20 inches at delivery.

    I don't know if this plays any part, but I was taking Gesticare pre-natals... When I ran out of these, I started taking the OTC One-a-Day pre-natals and that is when my fluid started increasing.

    Maybe it's a coincidence, but that was the only thing I can think of that changed during my pregnancy.

    Good luck. I know it's nerve-wracking. I hope all goes well. 

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