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Pre natal yoga-Monmouth county

I am new here!! I am wondering if anyone knows of any pre natal yoga classes in Monmouth County. I am in the Freehold area but willing to travel.


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  • I've been researching and haven't heard of anything. I live in Manalapan so if you hear of anything let me know!
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  • Only thing I have been able to come up with so far is Blue Moon Yoga in Shrewsbury/Red Bank. Their schedule includes a prenatal yoga class on Sundays at 11 I believe, but I have yet to get response to any of my inquiries.
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  • There's a place right around the corner from me, in Hazlet/Holmdel called Elevate (I think). I keep meaning to try it, but the one prenatal class that I can do is Sunday mornings, when I'm reluctant to change out of pajamas!
  • def check with your local hosp. by me two of them do yoga weekly!
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  • I've been to Elevate in Hazel for a regular Yoga class before i was preggers.  It's a 1 room studio and the people are really nice.  I only stopped going because i couldn't make most of the times during the week and on the weekend i just want to sleep. hehe.
  • i posted in another query:

    i was looking around for prenatal yoga too!  i haven't had luck reaching out to red bank studio either... (they haven't posted recent schedules.)  last nite my friend and i started taking a NORMAL yoga class in Ocean Twp (by the Wegman's)... and the instructor (gave birth 5 mos ago) tells us when NOT to do certain moves...etc.  we loved it.

    we'll be going at least for 5 weeks (my friend is also PG).... it's at

    if you find a specific class pls let us know 

    i didn't see classes at JSUMC mentioned but i could be wrong...

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  • Colts Neck Yoga has a class on Tues around 11 am.

    Blue Moon Yoga in Shrewsbury class on Sun at 10am

    Dancing Foot Yoga in Red Bank class on Thurs at 5:30pm.

    I'm looking for one that fits my schedule.

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