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Looking for a Pediatrician, 90036 area or surrounding!

How do you find a pediatrician??

Or does anyone know of a good one in my area??

thanks!! :)


Re: Looking for a Pediatrician, 90036 area or surrounding!

  • I live and work near 90036 too. I'm 6.5 months pregnant and haven't found a pediatrician yet either. I don't really know anyone with kids in the area so I'll probably end up going with the one I meet at the hospital or a hospital/doctor recommended one. There are a few listed on the Cedars "refer a doctor" page.  I guess some people interview pediatricians beforehand, but I don't know how you'd know if you'll like the pediatrician until you see him/her in action.

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  • I asked my OB/GYN for referrals when I was preggers (I have a Cedars doc and wanted to stay in the Cedars family at the time).  We're now switching DS's insurance to Kaiser so we're starting over ourselves...

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