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So here's what is going on:

DD was born tongue tied and couldn't latch or maintain a latch very well. She did great with a nipple shield - but my supply was low (I'm hoping b/c of the shield and not me) so she was still losing weight at her first weight check. I was nursing her with the nipple shield as much as she wanted and for as long as she wanted. But the ped told us that the "marathon" sessions could be causing her to burn more calories than she is taking in. So I pumped and fed her BM after nursing (as well as giving her formula if I didn't pump enough)

Today we took her to the ENT doc (who is a very strong BF advocate and was recommended by the LC at the hospital) and they did the little snip. So now I want to get back on track, ditch the shield and basically use her to increase my supply. I tried to nurse her there without the shield and she couldn't do it - I'm guessing it was because she is used to the shield and the bottle.

Any advice? WWYD? Should I just call a LC to come to the house? Has anyone dealt with limiting nursing sessions....I don't know if I should ignore the ped and nurse as long and as often as I can or limit them to 20 minutes every 2-3 hours, etc.

Buffalo girls - any recommendations of where to go / who to call?? I can't remember who we called last time..


Re: BFing Advice

  • Call Baby's Sweet Beginnings..I think Polly will come to your house for an extra fee.. I'm not totally sure though.. We always brought Eve there. 681-8100.

    I ignored the pedi and did not limit my nursing sessions. Our pedi said the same thing.. and I (and the LC and the home nurses that I had) completely disagreed..  

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  • I would ignore the pedi's advice and not limit nursing sessions especially since you are concerned for your supply.  I would also call the LC to come to your house.  And as for the sheild, it took me a while to wean the kids off the shield.  But we needed it for several reasons for the first few weeks.  I would star them on the shield then about half way through quickly remove the shield, using the shield less and less each time.

    Good luck!  I am cheering for you!!

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  • I can't say enough good things about the services from The Care Connection 634-0300.  The have a LC at home service (in store too).  I wish I would have known their baby scale rental program when G was a newborn- you can rent one of their scales for about $5/day so that you can do a wieght check yourself anytime you want.  The VNA probably has a staff of LC too.

    We started with a shield for flatness from the hospital too- to wean her off of it I'd start with the shield and then slip it out after a few minutes.  But for G it was more of a habit of using the sheild rather than for a need. 

    Maybe a meeting with a LC will give you some additional suggestions to increase your supply.  I know it was tough hearing all the different opinions from LC and doctors- for me it was finding that one "special" person that took the time with us and we totally turned the corner.  For me it was someone at Amherst Peds but I also really liked the ladies at Care Conneciton. 

    Good luck!

  • I would definitely ignore the ped and let her dictate how long and often you feed. That is always what I have done and that helped keep my supply up.

    I had to use the shield with Bella for the first few weeks and what I did when I started to try and wean it was to latch her on with the shield then after a few minutes I would take off the shield (which had helped bring my nipple out more for easy latching) and latch her on then. That's what we used to do on the Mother/Baby floor when I worked side by side with the LC.  Also to help increase your supply pumping for 10 mins after you feed her will also help bring your supply up.

    Good luck! 

  • Love Polly!  I would highly recommend her.  She helped us with Ethan.
  • I had to limit sessions.  BUT it was because she was using me to comfort suck, she would get too full, and then spit up.  Plus I was in a ton of pain.  So the pedi recommended no more than 20 min per side then give a binky.  If I was trying to up my supply I would not limit sessions.
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