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Maternity pants

I'm in heaven today.  A friend sent me a couple of pairs of her maternity pants to try out.  They are the real fit pants from Old Navy.  She said the worked great for late 1st tri and early 2nd tri, but not so great after that.  I am so much more comfortable today.

I feel kinda silly wearing maternity pants at 10 weeks, but I was so uncomfortable in my regular pants.

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Re: Maternity pants

  • I had a one pair of those...I liked them really well too...I was able to wear mine into the third trimester...I think it really may depend on how you grow. 
  • Don't feel bad...bloat is real and the bloat is from the baby!
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  • are you kidding? once i bought and wore my 1st pair of maternity pants i was wondering why i hadn't been wearing them all my life - lol. love all the room and flexibility! and don't worry, i was wearing the belly band around 7-8 wks b/c of the bloat. :(
  • Don't feel silly!  That 1st tri bloat makes regular pants so uncomfortable!!!
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