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Life happens when you are busy making plans...

isn't that how the saying goes? Doesn't look like I am having a winter baby like I wanted b/c I will be having a late summer/early fall baby!

I have been feeling nauseous the past couple days and just like before I came home from work and told dh I think I am going to take a PG test.  Sure enough just like last time I didn't get the cover on and the test turn into a +.  I honestly have no idea how far I am.  December is such a blur for me and I kind of remember having a period in the middle of it but it was 2 weeks after the previous one. So I will call the doctor tomorrow.  2 under 2 here we come :)

please don't say anything on facebook we aren't telling my family yet

Re: Life happens when you are busy making plans...

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