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Lurker needs advice...warning: TMI

I've been lurking for the past couple of months because my DH and I were planning to just "wing it" and see what happens.  I've been charting for 2 years in order to avoid pregnancy, so I'm very familiar with my cycles.  

Well, this cycle I was in the fertile phase with creamy CM.  We decided not to use protection and see what happens.  Ovusoft (software that comes with TCOYF) confirmed ovulation on day 19.  This is within the normal range for me (usually ovulate CD 17-19).  We had sex on CD 14.  My normal luteal phase length is 10-12 days and I usually spot a couple of days before my period starts. 

 I'm currently 12 DPO with no spotting and no other signs of AF except breast tenderness.  So, my question is...would you test?  Also, if I test, should I tell my husband before or make a surprise announcement if it's a BFP?  How did you all tell your DHs?  TIA  

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Re: Lurker needs advice...warning: TMI

  • I would test at 13dpo as it would be past your normal LP! I tested yesterday (without mentioning it to DH)-- I had always thought I wanted to think of some creative way to tell him, but when the test was positive, I had to tell him right away. I just ran into our bedroom and shoved the test in his face-- when he looked confused (he was still half asleep) I exclaimed, "I'm pregnant!"

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  • I'd test tomorrow or Monday if you can wait that long.  I tested at 13DPO with only tender breasts as a symptom and got an EXTREMELY light positive.  I tested with FMU on 14DPO and a digital and got my definite yes. 

    DH knew I was testing...I don't think I would have slept if he hadn't been calming me down.

    Good luck!  And stick around...its a great, supportive group of women on this board.

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  • I was a total test whore so I'm probably not the one to ask...because you're so close to 13 dpo you could wait and test tomorrow...good luck and be sure to let us know!

    EDIT: I got a positive test at 9 DPO.

  • I tested at 12dpo and it was so faint I was convinced it was negative.  Tested on 14dpo and got a slightly darker line and a positive on a digital.  Others get positives on 8dpo, but not me. Both days I tested with FMU, but SMU with the digital.   I told my DH about my breast tenderness and told him that I would test if my AF didn't show up, so I tested the day of when my temp didn't drop.  I had planned a surprise gift for him to share the BFP news, but just didn't do it.  I showed him the test first thing that morning and it worked better that way.

    Good luck!

  • I'm all about the suprise element.  I held it in practically all day until my DH was home from work and I had my surprise all set up for him!
  • This BFP was a total surprise for the both of us.  We were using alternate methods of BC that obviously didn't work for us. Surprise I had mentioned to DH that I was worried b/c AF was due and I didn't feel very crampy but hadn't stressed the fact that I was late and REALLY thinking I was preggers.  So, I was in panic mode for the first 3 days of my missed AF and finally took a test alone.  After flipping out because of my BFP I decided to be creative.  I made a sign that said "I'M GOING TO BE A BIG BROTHER"  and taped it to DS back.  When DH got home from work and DS ran up to greet him like he normally does DH saw the sign. 
  • I'd test tomorrow or Monday since that would be after your usual LP. 

    I tested on 15 DPO...I wanted to be sure AF didn't a questionable line...I was going to not tell DH and just test again the next morning with FMU, but for some reason when he got home from work I just blurted it out.  I was trying not to get my hopes up (we'd been trying 8 months already and I already knew I had a progesterone problem and my doctor had already told me that we'd have to try clomid next cycle)...I didn't get much sleep that up at 5:30 (on a Saturday lol) and tested with a digital...there was no mistaken that word :)  I took a picture of it, put it as the wallpaper on our laptop, and waited patiently for 3 hours for DH to wake up and notice the screen.  

  • Thanks ladies.  I went ahead and told him I was late.  He keeps offering to go get a test if I want him to.  He's very calm about it all.  I think I'll just pick one up tomorrow and test Monday morning.  I'll keep you posted.
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  • I think it would be great if you are able to think of a creative way to surprise him. I had wanted to do that, but I was so excited/shocked that it was actually a BFP that I was screaming "Holy Sh*t!" so loud that DH thought I had fallen in the bathroom. haha.

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  • I know it's hard, but I would hold out if you can. Or at least, just buy the dollar tree tests so you can retest in a few days if you need to. Sometimes people can get early BFPs but it's more likely to be accurate the longer you wait. Good luck!

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