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anyone give birth at Washington Hospital?

I'm new to the area and Washington hospital is close by.  I haven't heard anything good or bad about them and I'm not sure if I should go there or travel to a swickley hosptial where I know I'll love.  It's about an hour away and Washington is right down the road.  Any advice???  I'm only 6 weeks so I have time to shop around!

Re: anyone give birth at Washington Hospital?

  • I personally don't know anyone who has given birth there but I will tell you that the Pa Dept of Health just recently released the statistics for Pa hospital from 2008 and Washington Hospital has one of the lowest c-section rates in the state at 22.0%.  If that type of thing is important to you that would be pretty encouraging.



  • I am planning to give birth at Washington Hospital in July.  This is my first, and I've basically decided between Washington and Magee.  Because 6 of the 7 doctors did their residency at Magee, I figured I'm basically getting a Magee doctor in a smaller-scale hospital.  The C-Section rate also played a huge factor in my decision.  I'm 16 weeks, so far I love all of the doctors and staff... I have heard good and bad things about every hospital- only one really bad story about Washington, but I think it was circumstantial.  If there is a problem with your baby, the experience is bound to be bad no matter which hospital you are in.  The important thing is to build a relationship with your doctors, which I think is harder to do in a bigger hospital. I'm curious to see what others have to say though!!!
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  • I am halfway between St. Clair and Washington hospital.  I gave birth to my first son at a very small town hospital and it was a great experience.  I was considering Washington but someone said they are UPMC?  I have Aetna insurance, not UPMC.  I've tried to call to confirm but it's always busy line, can't find anything on their website.
  • I will be delivering my second child in march at Washington Hospital.  I had a good experience with them the first time.  My nurse who delivered my son also taught my prenatal classes so that was great!!!  I don't think I had anything bad to say about them!!!   I had an epidural and a quick delivery!!  Good luck!
  • Washington Hospital is not apart of UPMC if that helps
  • I was in the labor/delivery room with a friend of mine. They took good care of her and it was fine. I also know multiple people who have delivered there and have not had issues.

    I am planning on delivering at Washington Hospital in June. It is nice because the OB/GYN group that I see only go to Washington Hospital.

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