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Definitely feeling respect for working Moms

Today I spent 4 hours photographing dogs at Animal Control and then I transported one to the Veterinarians so she could get into a Rescue -- and I almost started crying in the car because I missed Graysen while he was home with DH.

Maybe I need to get more sleep, but I definitely have to give it up for the working Moms!  

Re: Definitely feeling respect for working Moms

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    I don't even want to think about going back to work yet... blech. I think it wouldn't be so hard if I liked my job, but I hate my job this year. Amazing how I'm at the same school, just switched positions, and last year I loved it, this year, I hate it.
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    It sucks, I leave dd at my moms around 11am and I work until 9pm. When I get home she is sleeping and she sttn. So I dont see her until 7:30 am and only get to see her a few hours. I miss her so much, it makes me want to cry some days. I wish I didnt have to work but unfortunately I have to or we cannot get by. I miss my baby Crying
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    Just in case anyone is reading and dreading going back to work, it really hasn't been bad for us.  I really like the balance between baby and non-baby time!  The hardest part is getting everything ready to go in the morning--so many extra things to do!
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    Like pp said, it's not all bad.  It's about finding balance.  I don't hate being at work like I did the first week because I'm finding out how I can balance work and being home.  Don't get me wrong, I still wish I had more time with Mallory!  Sometimes she STTN and I secretly wish she would wake so I could nurse her and spend time with her.  The time I do spend with her is that much more special now though :)
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