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Looking for a pregnant exercise friend

Hello Ladies!

My name is Debbie & I am looking for a fellow pregnant sister to occassionally workout with and keep one another accountable during this crazy time!  I am currently 8 weeks pregnant and feeling the 1st trimester exhaustion!  I am looking for someone (or a group of someones) who would like to get together a couple of times per week for a nice preggers workout.

 I live in the Englewood area and have a membership to the Englewood Recrecation Center.  If you do too...even better!  We can always do things outdoors too.

Let me know if you are interested!  Thanks!

Re: Looking for a pregnant exercise friend

  • Well hello Debbie. I live in Englewood too and I would love to work out. Im not really atheletic though so I would have to take it easy. I don't have a membership to the rec center, I dont think, but it is nothing to get one. You can email me on my email address that I check everyday. It is [email protected].

    By the way congrats on your pregnancy. Im in my second trimester (20 weeks) and the first trimester was very difficult for me. Wink

  • Debbie-

      I'm not quite sure where englewood is, but I'm new to COS and would love to have a workout buddy. I don't belong to the rec center, but we have a wii fit and live right by a huge park. We live within walking distance of the UCCS campus. I am 12 weeks, and trust me, it gets better :)


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