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Moms - Tell me it gets easier

My LO started FT daycare yesterday at 8 1/2 weeks old.  He did really well but I am a wreck.  Today when I left him I cried the entire way to work.  I know it is a nice, safe environment for him but I cannot relax.  I wish we had other options and could have him there only PT but that is not going to happen.

 Not really sure what I am asking for here.  If you have any advice please share.  I know it will get easier but that just doesn't seem possible right now. My DH tells me to relax and everytime he says that I just want to scream.


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Re: Moms - Tell me it gets easier

  • I don't have any advice, because I'm about to go through the same thing in less than 3 weeks with my preemie...see my post here


    I just wanted to say that I feel for you! Hope it is going better for you now.

    We still don't know what we are going to do!

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  • It did get easier for me but it took almost a year and I still have some days that one of my two cries or holds on to me and I cry and feel bad for leaving.  Mine started in daycare and now stays with my mom but I still feel bad alot that i can't do it.

     Men don't understand the feeling we have with this.  Mine never did either.

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