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Pediatricians in the Annapolis area?

I know that I am planning a little early, but I am 17weeks pregnant and starting my search for a pediatrician in the Annapolis area.  Does anyone have any recommendations?

Re: Pediatricians in the Annapolis area?

  • Chesapeake Pediatrics in Annapolis (by the Subaru dealership) - Dr Hoffman is the best.

    No-nonsense doc that actually spends time with you and the baby at EVERY visit. Very open, chatty, easy yet knowledgeable.

    Totally recommend over Bayside or Annap Pediatrics (the factory IMO, where you spend 20 sec with the doc -- if you even see him/her! -- that's what friends have told me).

  • We're lucky to have lots of good ones in the area!  I interviewed a few while I was pregnant, and wound up with Annapolis Pediatrics.  We've been really happy with it - have loved all of the doctors and nurses we have met with, and love their hours, walk-in hours, and nurse line, too.
  • Annapolis Pediactrics is great. We love Dr. Kim. She was very pateint never seemed in a hurry to get to another patient. Always answered all our questions,gave lot of useful info and never made me feel any question was silly. I also liked that I was always able to see her even if I made a sick appt on the same day. I highly recomend her to anyone in the area.
  • We have been happy w/ Annapolis Peds as well- we were seeing Dr. Corder, but she's taken a leave of absence and we have seen a fantastic nurse pracitioner, Kay Gingell, for E's last 2 appts. 

    I love being able to make a same day sick appt - we have only done it twice and have only had to go in 3 times for anything besides well-baby visits, but we have been happy there. 


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  • We take my son to see Dr Ginsburg in Severna Park she is awesome it's her and another doctor (Dr. Hackett) also highly recommended.  
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