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Hi, all!  I'm about to move to the Cleveland area...DH got relocated there a couple months ago.  I just found out I'm pregnant as well...nice to throw another wrench in my stress.  Anyway, I was hoping you gals could help me find a good OB/GYN and tell me what hospitals are good/bad.  I also will need pedi the moment we don't know where we're going to live as my DH travels all throughout the east side all the way to Warren and down to Akron.  He's currently staying at a Residence Inn near the Cleveland Clinic/Independence.  I'd like to stay in that area or down to Brecksville, etc., if we can afford it...he's found some foreclosure he's gung ho about in University Heights.  Anyway...that's a lot of info...any and all help would greatly be appreciated.  Thanks soooo much!

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  • Hi! I live in the area you would like to move to. PM me if you want to talk.
  • Hey--I live in University Heights and it's a nice area for new families and close to many hospitals as well.  I see an OB at Cleveland Clinic in Beachwood, and delivered my first baby at Hillcrest Hospital in Mayfield Heights.  Doctor is about 5 minutes from where I live and the hospital is about 10.  I was very pleased with my care and am using the same doc and hospital for this pregnancy.  PM me if you want any names or any other specific advice regarding the area. 
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  • Just wanted to say too that I'm from the Cincinnati area--moved here a few years ago when I got married.  I saw you're from Villa Hills and I remember doing some work in that area.  I always thought Cincinnati/N Kentucky and Cleveland were more or less the same in terms of climate and then I woke up my first Easter (in April) here and had two feet of snow on my doorstep!  At least they clear the roads here, though...I'll give them that much!
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