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classes for new parents

I'm 12 weeks and DH and I are realizing we have NO IDEA what to do when baby gets here. PANIC set in today when i started looking online at cribs, bottles, diapers!!!!!  Any suggestions on classes for first time parents to be???


Re: classes for new parents

  • Your doctor's office should be able to provide you with information about classes, etc. Magee has a ton of classes on different subjects - it's all on their website.  As to baby gear, I (and everyone else under the sun, it seems) recommend getting a copy of the book called Baby Bargains - it goes through all of the various baby gear and gives reviews and offers some opinions as to what is necessary and what is not.  Hang out on the bump message boards and you'll learn a lot as well.  Though it will go quickly, you have a lot of time to get everything in order.
  • My husband and I took classes at Magee's and learned a lot. They have a baby basics class where you learn diapers, burping, washing... etc. Very informative.
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  • Definitely the classes at Magee's! I took the lactation class and I am up for the Baby Care class tomorrow... they are very practical and informative sessions. Although we didnt really get to talk to other parents, they say it's also an awesome way to meet people that is in the 'same boat' as you...

     As far as baby gear and things you need... this is what I found the most overwhelming. I read possibly every list out there (websites, stores, etc.), and asked every new Mommy I met for recommendations of things that I really needed.

    Then I went to Babyland (Babiesrus simply overwhelmed me); and asked them, what I really needed. I liked it there because the employees are young parents that actually use the stuff that they recommend... price wise it might not be the best option, so you can do a combination for your registry and stuff...

     You still have time, but make sure you use your second trimestrer (you feel the best then), to do the bulk of the shopping, because when you hit the third trimester you really dont feel like doing much.

     Good luck!!

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