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Crying over spilled milk

I just found a medela bottle in the fridge with 2.5 oz of breastmilk in the back of the fridge. I'm pretty sure it was from last week, around Christmas Eve, and that it got pushed to the back by all of our leftovers. That may not sound like a big deal, but it's about two pumping sessions for me, so I'm very sad. It was very separated - it looked like water with white paste on top - and there's no way I was going to risk it, even though it didn't smell spoiled. Ugh! I'm so mad about this.
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Re: Crying over spilled milk

  • Refridgerated milk separates, it is, after all, whole milk.  Even so - a week is pretty much as long as we're willing to go as well. 
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  • Oh gosh, isn't that so depressing? I wouldn't use it if its a week old though. I've done this before too and found that my starts smelling stale around 5 or 6 days, so I usually freeze by 4 days.

    On the topic of crying over milk though, last week at work after I finished pumping and as I was trying to put my stuff away, I knocked a bottle of milk off my desk. I have been having supply problems recently and having to supplement. So even though it was only 3 oz, I knew it was 3 more oz of formula that she would have to drink instead of BM. I've been so stressed about this already that I literally sat in my office and cried. Its so frustrating.

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  • I'd probably do the same thing!
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  • I don't have supply issues, yet I've cried over spilled milk.


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