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This time next year

I had better be rubbing a baby or a belly, I don't care which!

Re: This time next year

  • I honestly scares me to think about...b/c I know if I'm NOT rubbing a baby or a belly, it means we're in the depths of hell with a repeat m/c...or we just haven't conceived again in 13 months. :::shudder:::

    It's just so scary to think that in just one years life is either going to be amazing or I'm going to be suffering a million times worse than I already am right now.  

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  • Cheers to that! I am hoping and praying for the same! I hope you all get your 2010 babies/BFPs!
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  • Ditto what all 3 of you just said. Every single bit of it.
  • Damn straight, it better be that way for all of us!
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