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Welcoming the new year with new hope

I am new to this site and sitting here on New Years reflecting on this past year and its struggles and hoping that the new year will bring new and renewed hope for the family we dream of. Just some background....In a perfect world I would have been due with my boys yesterday... instead my water broke at 16 weeks and 3 days and I delivered my little Angels on 9/4 at 23 weeks and 3 days. Corbin (Baby B that was ruptured for 7 weeks) lived for 10 days and his older brother William lived for 28 days. I never thought when I was a little girl that it would be this hard to become a mother and have the family of my dreams. 

I will be starting the next round of treatment next week and preparing for a FET in the begining of Feb..... I was wondering if there will be anyone cycling at that time?

Re: Welcoming the new year with new hope

  • wow, Katie, I am so sorrry for your loss, I can't even imagine...((big hugs))...Ambrandau will be starting TTC around then again..I think..I should be starting the middle to end of February.

    Make sure youstick around till then..everyone here is amazing!!  These ladies are my strength and laughter every day!

  • I just wanted to say I'm so sorry for your losses :-( I'll be close to that time frame for trying again too. Like hbkises said, this board is fabulous and I hope you stink around!
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  • So sorry for your loss. We are trying on our own right now and I have an appt with my RE the middle of january.


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    BFP 7/17/10, m/c 7/25/10, edd 3/25/11

    Ectopic, lost left tube 4/20/11, edd 12/6/11

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  • I am so sorry for your loss. I hope the new year brings you joy,
    BFP #1 10/17/09: missed m/c at 7 weeks; BFP #2 10/22/10: chemical pregnancy; BFP #3: 1/28/11

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