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signifant difficulty breathing episodes?

I woke up twice last night having significant difficulty breathing, almost felt like an asthma attack and I don't have asthma! It scared me, got me straight out of bed and after I stood up, coughed had a couple of deep breaths, I was able to fall back asleep....then it happened again.

I have never had this happen to me before. Could it just be the way the baby was laying or I was laying or is this something I should be more concerned about? FWIW, I haven't had any difficulty breathing today (well, no more than usual). i have been coughing a lot, don't have a cold but did lose my voice the other day (it's just now coming back)

Re: signifant difficulty breathing episodes?

  • I have deleloped pregnancy-induced asthma, with my last child and this pregnancy. My ob prescribed me a rescue inhaler and it is a miracle worker. Also, the further along you are the more your baby is pressing on your internal organs. Let your doctor know if it happens again.

  • I have also developed pregnancy induced asthma.  The inhaler is a life saver.  I actually had episodes in the first tri where I would feel like I needed a deep breath and I just couldn't get it.  This has happened a few times since. 

    I would call your Ob and let them know.  It can be scary. 

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  • Were you laying on your back? If so, that's probably the culprit. It's actually pretty normal (especially in the later months) to have difficulty breathing because the baby's starting to compress everything in there.
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