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Litter boxes.

Do any of you clean them on your own?  Last time around I wouldn't have anything to do with them, but having done lots of reading on toxo, I guess I don't see the concern as long as I use dust-free litter, wear gloves and wash my hands.
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Re: Litter boxes.

  • I do it when DH is OOT and I make sure I wash my hands really well. Right now I am just enjoying having DH do it.


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  • I was told by my ob not to change it. Dh has been in charge of it since bfp.
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  • We don't have a cat but I clean up after our dogs and don't worry about cleaning up after a cat if we had one bc when I had my bloodwork done initially I was tested for whatever it was called and found out I already had it and am immune to getting it.  
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  • See, that's the thing - if I wait for DH to do it, the one finicky cat gets upset and pisses on my bathmat.  Never the one in DH's bathroom, mind you.

    I grew up on a farm that always had about 20 feral cats around, so I'm sure I've already been exposed. 

    4 early losses 2009, 2010, 2015.  Baby #1 born 2/13/11.  
  • I avoid it when possible DH does it. However, I had to do it once and used gloves, a mask and took a shower after.


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  • I don't do it..but I heard as long as you wear gloves and wash your hands really well afterwards...
  • Do you have an indoor cat?

    Here's the deal.  If you spent time around feral cats as a kid, chances are good you're immune.  If you now have an indoor cat, chances are good that s/he won't get it because they aren't exposed to it unless they eat teensy outdoor creatures.

    Since my cat isn't in the habit of eating teensy outdoor creatures AND I, too, spent time with feral cats as a child, I don't worry.  I change the litter (no masks or gloves) and wash up afterward.  Unless you're smearing outdoor cat feces on your hands and having a lick, you're probably safe.


  • DH started cleaning before I knew I was pg this time. I am not complaining. I think if you are careful about gloves and dust exposure you're probably ok, though.
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