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We start Feeding Clinic on April 27th!

I am so nervous, excited, anxious and gaaaaahhhh!!  Words just can't describe how desperate I am for this feeding clinic to solve all our problems.  I have to keep reminding my self every day that this clinic is not a fix, it's just the jumping off platform.  But we have nothing else working for us, I dont' know what else to do to get the boys to eat by mouth.  The best I can get is they will occasionally drink between one and two oz of whole milk.  That's it.  Nothing works anymore, not bananas, not green beans, I mean absolutely nothing will get to their lips. The therapists are all at a loss, we work with an EI OT weekly too.

I'm so sick of them being on feeding tubes, of the constant vomit, the formula, the behavioral quirks because they don't eat like normal kids. The limitations to our day and our activities.  It's our last huge hurdle and if we can get them to eat food they'll be Normal

We were slated to start the program on June 1st but they've had several drop outs and we got bumped up.  I just hope the boys are developmentally mature enough by the time we start.  

And I have no idea how I'm going to get these two kids to downtown Baltimore through 40min of rush hour on time every morning.  The program is from 8am to 4pm for six weeks.  

Please oh please oh please oh please...  Okay, I'm getting too emotional and it's still 4mos away.  Sorry, thanks for listening.

Re: We start Feeding Clinic on April 27th!

  • That is very exciting!  I hope it turns everything around for C and E's eating.
  • Everything will workout just fine and it will be over before you know it.

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  • Praying this works wonders for you guys!

    Robbie's doing decently with solids (I mean, not enough to live on, but we're making progress) but still won't drink crap. 10cc is a good day.

    It's SO frustrating.

  • Trish, stupid questions but....  Can he drink from a straw?  Will he take it from a spoon?  These are what worked for us.  It's the one thing I can get them to do consistently pretty much every day.
  • I wish you the best of luck!  I'm so interested in how this clinic is and how the boys do because my DS has alot of feeding issues, too.  We can get him to drink bottles of formula (although not easy) but he is not on any solid food at all thanks to his oral defensiveness and hyperactive gag reflex.  We start working with a feeding team on Feb 4th.  Please keep us updated, I hope it goes well.
  • Laura- straw no. He just chews. he won't suck. Spoon, yes. He'l take liquid or purees from a spoon (with effort.)


  • Congrats!  What great news...hope it helps, sounds intensive!
  • ::fingers crossed::  this is a new year and great things are about to happen! 
  • I am so excited for you guys!  Feeding time is becoming quite the disaster in my house as well.  Can't imagine how hard it is with 2!  Hang in there!
  • Very exciting news! My 3 yr old is in feeding therapy, though for something else. He has food aversions due to pain from celiac disease and quit eating at about a year and a half old. We have been going for about 6 months, though we only go 1 time/week. We have made progress, and I truly believe in the therapy. I know you'll have great results! Time will fly by and the boys will be starting before you know it!
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