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Anyone have insulin resistance & then get GD?

I was diagnosed with insulin resistance during out infertility journy.  I was on metformin but told to stop once i was pregnant.  I barly passed  1 hr. g. test and took 3 hr. g test yesterday.  The doctor's office called me 3 times but did not leave a message.  I am assuming i failed the test.  However i am confused, if we already know my body makes insulin but just does not absorb it how do you manage GD? Wondering if anyone else in same boat.  I have a doctor's appointment on monday and the office is closed until then so i am looking for an advice to tide me over during the long weekend. :) thanks!
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Re: Anyone have insulin resistance & then get GD?

  • Being pregnant makes you even more insulin resistant because of the hormones and all that fun stuff. Depending on your numbers you may be able to control it with just diet but they may have you go on insulin or other medication that doesn't cross the placenta. My doctor told me that metformin is one of the only medications that will cross the placenta. Good luck! Let us know what you find out.
  • I know exactly how you feel!  I took my glucose test tues. and failed. I took my 3 hr. test this morning and failed. Surprise, surprise! Having pcos, we knew i was insulin resistant and i had been taking metformin for years. The docs took me off met. at 16 weeks, so I wasn't surprised at failing the test.  I go to my diet class next Thurs.  When not on the met. I absolutely crave sweets; this is going to be really tough. I'll just have to keep reminding myself it is for a very good reason. Maybe you'll get better news than I did. btw, i'm surprised they didn't give you immediate results. The lab nurses told me each time they pricked my finger what my levels were and if I had passed or failed. Anyway, good luck!
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  • I'm in the same boat... I have PCOS and did my 3 hr on Wednesday (failed 1 hr last week) and now the doc office is closed for a four day weekend.  To make things more interesting, I was put on modified bed rest on Wednesday for PTL (positive fFN and lots of contractions).  I am hoping I don't have GD, b/c I'm worried about managing it without the ability to incorporate exercise.  Before I was preggers I controlled PCOS symptoms with an insulin resistence diet (whole grains being the only carbs, lots of proteins and veggies) and exercise (45 minutes of brisk walks five days per week) b/c I cannot tolerate metformin.  Good luck to you and happy New Year!

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