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Anybody else have bodyheat discrepancies with DH?

I am cooking... I say cooking.  I want the house to be like 65.

Alex... he's not very warmblooded and likes the house a balmy 73. 

I proposed a 69 degree compromise and bought him some sweaters for Christmas.  Woke up this a.m. to a thermostat set at 74 and panting puppy dogs who were too hot as well.

What, if anything, works for you?  Because in my house, apparently this is the one argument I can't win by sticking out my bottom lip and whimpering "but I'm PREGNANT...."  Confused

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Re: Anybody else have bodyheat discrepancies with DH?

  • Uh oh I think he is going to need to start bundling up!

    Lucky for me DH likes it warm in here as well... we always hover around 72-73 and I am still under my blanket on the couch!

  • I got so tired of DH playing with the thermostat that I set the temp and then took the face cover off. Now there are no buttons to push, but it looks really tacky!
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  • Um, my gas bill would be THROUGH THE ROOF if the thermostat were ever set to 73. I won't tell you what it's at right now, but I can say my DH is pretty warm-blooded, though he hates wearing sweaters and the like. While not pregnant, I'm the cold one, but now we're more evenly matched.
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  • Our house has vaulted ceilings and is a trainwreck to heat.  I'm making him pay the bill when it comes... maybe THAT will teach him a lesson.
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  • can come to our house...we keep it at 65!  I love it!  I visited my family last week and was dying in there house because they keep it at 72.  Being too hot for me equals crappy sleep too so I end up really grumpy!  Maybe try that...say you aren't sleeping well and be grumpy and if that fails buy him a snuggie and get a plastic lock box for the thermostat?

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  • Ours right now is set at 67 degrees. It is mostly to keep the bill down. DH is pretty comfy but if I am cold I put on a sweatshirt, socks and grab a blanket. Tell him to man up. You are pregnant!
  • I'm constantly telling DH to put on more clothes and/or put a blanket on. He's always cold, his feet are always cold, etc. - we keep the heat on at 68 usually. But he'll be there in a tshirt, pj pants, and bare feet and complain that he's cold... come on!

    I'm usually warm, or wrapped in a blanket if I'm not - and on top of having a 7 lb baby in my belly I usually have the dog laying on me too! 

  • We have our thermostat set at 74, however our temp. outside is much warmer than yours so there isnt this huge difference from the outside. Its not like walking into an oven - it just feels comfortably warm.
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  • We keep our house at 65 and some days its a little too cold for me but I have a fluffy throw blanket that I love and it's fine. 
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