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Any tips for relief from sciatica?  I do not want to go to a chiropractor since I am already high risk and had an unexplained preterm birth with my daugther.  I also read that acupuncture may help, but am already getting daily Lovenox injections and weekly progesterone injections and really would rather avoid more needles.  Thanks ladies.

Re: sciatica

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  • Mine got so bad, my MFM subscribed me Darvocet.  I only took it occasionally, when things got really bad.  I developed sciatica after my first son's delivery and was on an Ibuprofen regime to keep the swelling at bay.  Had to stop that after I got pregnant the second time.  My sciatica was back by 15 weeks pregnant.  It sucked. 

    Try alternating hot and cold, too.  Either lie flat (for a few minutes, move if you start to feel woozy) or stand--do not sit, it will make it worse.  Stretching on an exercise ball may also alleviate some symptoms.    

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  • Mine was horrible starting in the second tri to the point where I was in tears a lot of the time. This is what has worked for me.

    I did chiropractor, but I saw that you don't want to do that.  I however swear by it.

    Also did massage and accupuncture.  Accupuncture is relaxing.  It is in no way similar to an injection.  I fall asleep in every session.

    Good luck.  I hope it gets better.


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