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Postpartum Depression

Hi, new to the board

My daughter is almost 3 months old and I've had severe PPD pretty much since she was born. I'm on meds and in therapy. A few weeks ago I was feeling pretty good and thought the worst was behind me, but these past few weeks I feel almost as bad as I did when I was first diagnosed. I'm going to look into a support group because I really need to start feeling better. I hate this!

Re: Hi, new to the board

  • Hi there and welcome!  I am on meds right now...about to start therapy.  I also have noticed major fluctuations in my well-being.  Sometimes I felt like I was completely better, and then these past few weeks, I have also been feeling much, much worse.  I think maybe the holidays had something to do with that one.   So I just want you to know you are not alone!  Everyone on this board is here to support you.  Best of luck to you.  Keep us updated on your progress!
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