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Bed Rest Mamas Check-In *Thursday*

This thread is for any and all mamas on bedrest, in any form. We are stuck home or in the hospital, in a bed or on our couches, and could use the support of each other to make it through this time in order to get to a healthy baby! We all know how hard bedrest is and we wish everyone a healthy pregnancy!!!! Anyone is welcome to join, and anyone can start this daily thread. Just copy and paste this paragraph and info lines below if you get here and the thread has yet to start for that day!

Name - Lesley

Due Date - 2/10

Date Placed on Bedrest - restricted activity/pelvic rest at 18 weeks; modified 12/10; hospitalized 12/16

Type - Hospitalized Modified bed rest

Why - Vasa previa/(possible) pregnancy induced hypertension

Question of the Day - What were some of your favorite memories from 2009?

Answer -

* taking my dog out on my FIL's boat for the first time and getting to see dolphins
* spending an incredibly sweet day with DH for our 3rd wedding anniversary
* hiking the mountains of Montana
* coming home from the Montana trip to a BFP!
* our 12 week ultrasound where he actually started looking like a baby
* the first baby kicks

Updates - all quiet today and that is a great thing!

**Becca, you're doing a great job!  At least there hasn't been a change in a bad direction so staying the same is good.  It's also great to hear that they're getting bigger and the steroid shots should help as well as ease your mind.  

Cora, I'm sorry that you had to go through all that but I'm very glad that everything turned out well in the end!**  

Re: Bed Rest Mamas Check-In *Thursday*

  • Name - Michelle/miaomi 

    Due Date - 4/20

    Date Placed on Bedrest - at 14wks

    Type - Modified bedrest/restricted activity 

    Why - herniated disks in back

    Question of the Day - What were some of your favorite memories from 2009?

    Answer -

    **my wedding day!

    **bach/ette party...dh's and i's were combined, which some might think is odd, but we had a blast!

    **finding out about pregnancy, hearing the heartbeat, finding out she's a girl

    **X-mas while pregnant

    **family trip to DisneyWorld

    Updates:  My back is continuing to get worse.  Looks like I may be going on a pretty strict bedrest sooner than I'd thought.  I'm pretty frustrated and bummed, but trying to focus on staying off my feet and resting.  I'm also tempted to do all the things I know I might not be able to do in a week or so....catch 22! 

    Also, my GD test is on Monday.  I'm super nervous for it.  I'm hypoglycemic, so am at a very high risk for GD.  And it's right after the holidays for me (we have multiple X-mas (4) due to divorced parents) and my families were trying to fatten me up over the holidays.  Lots of foods and sweets, so I know my diet has sucked lately.  I really don't want to fail my test!!  Oh, well...not much to be done about it.  If any of you have any tricks for passing, I'd love them!  :-)

    Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and if you traveled were safe.  I live in Northern Minn, and we've been getting pounded with bad weather here!  Happy New Year's Eve to you all!  Let's see how many of us preggo's make it till midnight!!

  • Name - Nic

    Due Date - 2/12

    Date Placed on Bedrest - 11/24 - 28w, 4d

    Type - Modified bedrest at home

    Why - contractions, threatened PTL and a fingertip dilated

    Question of the Day - What were some of your favorite memories from 2009?

    Answer -

    * Perhaps not my "favorite" memory - but in May DH donated his left kidney to his father. That was a stressful time that I will not soon forget.
    * getting our BFP in June and the excitement of adding a baby to our bunch
    * finishing my bachelor's degree in August.
    * our two ultrasounds in September and October, so exciting to see LO on screen
    * DH's constant excitement of meeting his son next year.

    Updates - Nothing to report, which is a good thing!!

    DS #1 born January 2010. DS #2 due June 2014.

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  • Name - Becca

    Due Date - 4/21

    Date Placed on Bedrest - 12/18 at 22w1d

    Type - Modified bed rest at home-- lovely seated showers!

    Why - shortening/"dynamic" cervix

    Question of the Day - What were some of your favorite memories from 2009?

    Answer -

    1) My husband and I took a trip to Paris!  It was his first time overseas and he loved it.  I have been many times so it was great to share my favorite sites and restaurants with him.

    2) I graduated with my doctorate in clinical psychology after 5 years of hard work.

    3) My mom took me on a graduation trip to Italy.  My sister came along and we spent 10 days in the sunshine eating amazing food and achieving our goal of at least one gelato a day.  I lost 3 lbs while I was there and came home feeling healthy and alive after a tough early part of the year.

    4) I finally got pregnant!  It was our first IVF and it went as smoothly as it could, ending in a positive beta, and now the two boys growing inside me.

    5) Seeing our boys' faces on 3D ultrasound at 20 weeks.  I fell in love with their little noses and sweet faces.  It seems that my husband and I might have made some very handsome boys, so all you ladies with girls, watch out!

    Update - I had several BH contractions from about 6:15 to 9 pm last night.  I called to have my OB paged, and he called back immediately.  He was very reassuring about  the contractions and said I was still within normal limits for a twin pregnancy, and in addition, steroids often cause increased contractions.  He also told me that for my peace of mind, I should come in next week to have my cervix checked, rather than waiting 2.  So I felt very cared for and understood, which was nice. 

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  • I am not officially on bedrest, but I'm going to join since I only work 3 days a week and I put myself on bedrest the other 4 days weekly.

    I hope that is okay with the rest of the check-in group.


    Name - Celine

    Due Date - 7/4 (c-section scheduled for 6/9)

    Date Placed on Bedrest - n/a

    Type - Modified bed rest at home

    Why - incompetent cervix (have a permanent transabdominal cerclage placed)

    your favorite memories from 2009?

     Meeting our twins for the first time-even though it was too short a time (see siggy for details).

    Update on Me: I had to call the MFM because I had a little red spotting this morning and had vaginal twinges after being on my feet for an hour.  They do not think it's my cervix (I'm 13.5 weeks) so they told me to take it easy and call back if anything changes.

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