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Postpartum Depression

Ok one more:

Does your struggle with PPD make you hesitant to want more children? I always wanted at least 2 children, but now I am afraid to have any more. Anyone else feel this way? 

Re: Ok one more:

  • I wanted two kids but I'm absolutely petrified of having another at this point. My husband always wanted to be one and done but was willing to have a second for me....but now, who knows. Maybe when this is all behind us we'll feel differently.
  • no, I just worry about what kind of mom I will be when more are added to the mix.
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  • Yep. For the first two months, I said NO MORE kids. I'm just now starting to get to the point where I can think of more kids. I plan on waiting at least two years though when I originally wanted kids close in age. I sometimes feel guilty for wanting more kids because I feel like I will just end up with PPD again and that is not fair to my future kids.
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