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Sling/carrier reqs

Ok, it's time I break down and find some sort of sling or carrier for Charlie.  Keep in mind, I have a pretty crappy back (from years of carrying around big boobs!)  So I need something that has good back support and spreads out the weight evenly.   I also don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a piece of fabric, but I know I will have to spend a little to get something that works.  And I need to be able to put it on by myself, since hubby is frequently travelling for work.  And I don't want to spend all day trying to wrap myself and Charlie up in 10 yards of cloth.

Anyone got a good recommendations for me?

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Re: Sling/carrier reqs

  • The Ergo is great, but kinda pricey. I love my Moby, but it sounds like the wrapping might not be your thing, so maybe try a Baby K'Tan (it's similar but doesn't require wrapping).  I got a K'Tan off for $15 the other day, and they run that special periodically if you keep an eye on it.  Good luck!
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  • I have both the Ergo carrier and the Baby K'tan and love them both.  A lot of us like the K'tans, actually.  Aaron sleeps in it like an angel.  The Ergo is better for when I'm moving or out in the supermarket/mall (not that he's there too often).

    Target usually has the K'tan in black for about $40.


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  • I have tried them all!  I couldn't figure out the Moby Wrap, but was able to use the Baby K'Tan.  I liked it, but my younger son hated it.  The only carrier they both  tolerated was the Bjorn, but when they were heavier it did strain my back.  I would suggest getting one on sale or going to a used baby goods shop like Children's Orchard.
  • I like my Beco butterfly 2, but it is on the pricey side ($140).  It is a soft structured carrier similar to an ergo, and is very easy to get on & off.  You can use it for a front or back carry, but may help you find something comfortable for your back.
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  • I love the Ergo - the baby's weight is carried on your hips instead of your back.  For an infant, you'll need the infant insert.  We also had the Bjorn, but I don't recommend it for you.  I think it fits men better and relies more on back strength - my husband liked it.   I'm not familiar with the others.
  • We have an Ergo and a Moby. I've carried Ada around town in both - with and without strong abs. My back votes for the Moby. Yep - it's a big piece of fabric but I love that thing.
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  • Love my k'tan!
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  • I couldn't use our bjorn type carrier after Keira was like, 14 pounds.  Too hard on the back.

    I just got an Angel Pack carrier, and it works really, really well.

    I got it from mamabargains though, so I didn't pay $139. 

  • Thanks ladies.. there are a few mentioned here that I'd not heard of, so will check them out in my so-called Free time!

    Happy New Year!

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