High-Risk Pregnancy

anyone on here b/c of IUGR

My son had IUGR and was wondering if anyone was on here for there current baby....and how the u/s are going.

Re: anyone on here b/c of IUGR

  • I was wondering the same thing!  I'm 36 weeks today and found the baby to be 4.5%.  Head is big, legs small.  My DD is 2 yrs old and has always been short (25%) with a big head (75%) so I'm trying not to worry too much about that, but we are being sent to a high risk doc tomorrow.  We opted not to get any of the first trim. screening and now all the what ifs are coming!

    She's always been small, 20wk U/S 23%, 32 week U/S 19% and then today.   


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