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Does Labetalol actually work for anybody?

I was started on 100mg Labetalol twice a day over 2 weeks ago and my blood pressure has not changed. I consistently run in the 150's/80's.
Has anybody had any results with using it?

Re: Does Labetalol actually work for anybody?

  • I've been on it since I found out I was pregnant.  It works for me.  200mg twice a day. I'm 27 weeks now and still in 130/65 range.
  • I have been on it since 21 weeks. 200mg twice a day and so far my BP is great.
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  • My BP was super high -- 180s/110s.  I tried Labetalol for a few weeks -- I think it was 200 mg 3x/day -- but it didn't lower my BP, so my peri doubled the dose.  It still didn't work, and it made me vomit and feel light-headed/nauseated.  So, she put me on Procardia XL (Nifedical), which has been working well for me, without the vomiting and ill feeling.  I take 60 mg Nifedical once a day, and my BP is now around 130s-140s/80s, which my peri is happy with (she is happy with anything under 150/100 for me).  My baby is growing like a sprout, and she was just a little above average in size at 22 weeks.
  • Been working for me.  I was on 100 mg 2x a day from just shy of 14 weeks up until yesterday.  My BP had been high the past two weeks so I was upped to 100 mg 3x a day. 
  • Grrr. I think they need to update my dose then.

    Starting to get a little bit annoyed. Really have no "answer" on what is wrong with me. PIH that about it. But, my 3+ protein and severe pitting edema are of no concern bc the bloodwork is normal. So, I will carry on my merry way and be grateful.

  • It worked at higher doses.  I was on 1200 mg/day plus procardia xl after my DD's birth.

    If you have 3+ protein, I would insist on your OB running a 24-hour urine for you.  

  • I was diagnosed with pp pre-e after daughter was born. I was on 1200 mg Labetalol and that still wasn't enough to control my BP (it was really high 190/100). My doc put me on 30 mg of Procardia XL (well, the generic version) and that worked like a charm.

    I'm not a doctor, but maybe you need a larger dose of Labetalol or something else.

    Good luck!

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