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Postpartum Depression

what were your signs...

that what you were experiencing was more than just the baby blues? i dont know if im even far enough PP to differentiate between the two, but because i suffered from depression pre pregnancy, i am a little concerned.?
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Re: what were your signs...

  • It was affecting my ability to care for my baby and do every day tasks. But I think that you just kind of know that what you're feeling isn't right. Don't doubt yourself, if you think it's more than the baby blues, it probably is. Your doctor will be able to help you differentiate the difference too.
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  • I sought help when I started feeling that having my baby was a mistake.  I was unable to function at home.  All I could do when I got home from work was fall asleep.  I regretted not having time to spend with my daughter, and yet the time I did have was wasted sleeping and crying. 

    Being that you have a history of depression, I would suggest just getting checked out.  It wouldn't hurt, and it would be great to get the help you need as soon as possible.  Good luck to you!

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  • Not wanting to get out of bed, getting mad/frustrated extremely easy with my daughter, thoughts of hurting myself and my daughter, constant crying, a lot of anger towards other people.
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  • My two biggest signs were severe anxiety (over everything, not just LO), and being irrational. It was weird. I knew what I was thinking was irrational, but it's like I couldn't stop it.
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