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Postpartum Depression

Anyone on Zoloft?

I was just wondering if anyone else was on Zoloft, if you are breastfeeding, and what dosage you are at.

I'm on it, am pumping (DS won't take the breast) and am on 50 mg, but I am thinking of talking to my doctor about going up some.


Re: Anyone on Zoloft?

  • I just stopped taking Zoloft this week. I was on 50 mg and I also EP for DD.
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  • I am on 100 mg and yes, I am BFing.  This is one of the only antidepressants that is known to be safe for BFing moms, I was told.  With some of the other, newer meds, it is not known whether they are safe. 

    My dose was increased 2 weeks ago from the 50 mg, and it does seem to be making more of a difference now.  So do talk to your doctor!  Good luck!

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  • Thanks! I knew it was one of the safe ones, but I wasn't sure how high up they can prescribe dosages when bfing. Thanks so much!
  • When I was BFing I was on 100mg.  50mg is the lowest dose (although they start you at 25 to get going, it's not a prescribed dosage).
  • im thinking about asking for it...i cant hardly make it anymore. Its the best for bf'ers, i believe.

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