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Postpartum Depression

Anyone come off their meds?

My doctor recommended stopping my Zoloft when DD turned 6 months.  I was scared to do so, so I just stopped taking the meds a few days ago since I am off work fro Christmas break for 2 1/2 weeks.  I have heard so many ladies talk about the dizzy spells they feel when the stop their medication. I have been feeling a little dizzy and weak the last few days.

So the question is, when will this crazy feeling go away?  This is how I felt back when I first started the medication.

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Re: Anyone come off their meds?

  • It took about 4 weeks to come off of it. I didn't have any mood swings or scary dreams like I read about, but I did have some dizzy spells and muscle twitches.

    That aside, I was off of the meds for 8 weeks and just started them again. I thought I didn't need them so weaned off of them. It was way too soon.. it all came back after the meds were out of my system. I started meds when DS was 5 months. He's now 14 months.

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