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Your decade in review....

Can you believe we are almost at the end of 2009 and about to start a new decade?

Lets see if you are up to this challenge. Note, at least, one memorable event from each year of this past decade so far.

  • 2000
  • 2001
  • 2002
  • 2003
  • 2004
  • 2005
  • 2006
  • 2007
  • 2008
  • 2009
  • And what is your greatest wish for 2010?

(if you cannot recall a year, just leave it blank)

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Re: Your decade in review....

  • 2000: my first boob job

    2001: my 21st birthday!

    2002: my

    2003: met Rob

    2004: married Rob

    2005: Had my first baby, Happy 4th Birthday Alex (his bday is today!)

    2006: Alex's first Christmas

    2007: 7/7/7 My cousin Marleigh was born on her mommy's birthday!

    2008: Had my second baby, Max

    2009: Both of my kids were hospitalized this year for being really sick and we ended the year taking our first trip to Disney as a family of 4!

    2010: I will be celebrating my 30th birthday next year! All I want is a healthy HEALTHY year for my family and friends!!! xoxo

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  • 2000 - This is the year I moved out of my parents house and learned lived on my own, pay my own bills, etc.

    2001 - This is the year I finally had sex for the first time (I cannot believe that I remember this and that I am admitting this).

    2002 - I really believe that this is the year I learned who I was, really, and finally learned to not care what anyone else thought of me.

    2003 - This is the year I met my husband.

    2004 - I lost another job and took a tremendous pay cut.

    2005 - This is the year I got engaged and began planning my marriage.

    2006 - This bittersweet year I lost my fiancee's grandmother and gained a husband.

    2007 - I got pregnant and delivered Sophie in 2007. It was an amazing year.

    2008 - This year was a whirlwind. I cannot remember any one big event other than my sister getting pregnant.

    2009 - We lost Ava, we lost our pregnancy, we got the swine flu.

    I have high hopes for 2010 all of which are centered around ending the year with two new children in my family - one for my sister and one for me.

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  • imageMellyMelB:

    great post!

    • 2000 - graduated high school
    • 2001 - '01 is a blur, all i remember was working part-time, studying for school, and hanging out with dh (who was my bf at the time)
    • 2002 - graduated college!  
    • 2003 - got engaged!
    • 2004 - got my bachelor's degree!
    • 2005 - got married!
    • 2006 - closed on our 1st home!
    • 2007 - found out we were expecting!
    • 2008 - had my beautiful madelyn!
    • 2009 - better year financially than 2008
    • And what is your greatest wish for 2010? - to find a job within the school system & to be able to afford a bigger home. but above anything else, to be healthy!
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  • 2000 = Graduated high school, started college

    2001 = Got my first new car Smile  (which we still have today)

    2002 = Josh and I started dating

    2003 = Graduated college, my first "real" job

    2004 = Went to my first wedding - and I was in the bridal party

    2005 =Got engaged, became a teacher

    2006 = Got married, bought our first house

    2007 = hospitalized for really bad headaches - everything was okay, Got pregnant

    2008 = Had Lynda loved every moment of being a stay at home mommy

    2009 = Was lucky to be a sahm for the first half of the year, tough transition going back to work

    2010 = even years always seem to be better for our family so I'm just hoping for something good.  


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  • This is fun!

    2000 - graduating from college

    2001 - moving into my own apartment

    2002 & 2003 - are a blur of partying, dating, and hanging out wiht my fabulous friends, it's a very special time in my life where I think I really went from teenager to adult and could really appreciate being single and living on my own nad having friends who were like family.

    2004 - began dating (now) DH

    2005 - getting engaged

    2006 - getting married

    2007 - going to Alaska for my 1st anniversary and getting pregnant

    2008 - becoming a mom

    2009 -  moving into our new house

    2010 - My hopes are to have a second baby and for all of us to be happy and healthy! 

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  • How cool! ok here I go:

    2000: started college 2001: broke up with my hs sweetheart 2002: moved by myself to Miami from DR 2003: bought my dogs 2004: met one of my greatest friends 2005: broke up my 3 years relationship, went backpacking to europe, met DH 2006: graduated college and moved in with DH 2007 : got engaged 2008 : got married 2009 : one crappy year but happy overall 2010: I hope to finally get pregnant in 2010 and complete our family.
    • 2000-2002 Had so much fun it's a enjoyed my friends, my own apartment and partied!!    
    • 2003  Got engaged
    • 2004  Worked full time, planned a wedding, went to school full-time...
    • 2005  Got Married! Went to Hawaii
    • 2006  Bought our first house; graduated with my BA; back to Maui Smile  
    • 2007 Surprised DH with the Chicago Trip for his 30th birthday; got seats to the Bears game in the Cadillac Club; stayed in the Hotel the Bears stayed at.....what a great time.     
    • 2008 Lost Tommy; my first furbaby to pancreatic cancer; got the crazy pain in the ar$e Hana (german shephard and best friend to the baby); found out I was pregnant; turned 30   
    • 2009 Madison was born; lost my job and stayed home with her for 7 months....
    • my wish- I wnat my grandparents to stay healthy and see the baby grow up.
  • 2000: started college 2001: this was a big year for me. Moved to the US on my own and met Eric. 2002: moved in with Eric 2003: got engaged  2004: met one of my greatest friends 2005:got married, pregnant and had Sebastian! 2006: enjoyed my baby's first year! 2007 : got pregnant again with our little miracle :) 2008 : Had Nathaniel 2009 : a heck of a year + got pregnant!! 2010: Looking forward to what God has in store for us and wishing for a healthy baby!
    • 2000: was with my first bf
    • 2001: got cheated on by him and broke up with him
    • 2002: graduated hs and met dh in college
    • 2003: still in college, nothing major
    • 2004: started fiu
    • 2005: moved out on my own
    • 2006: dh graduated fiu
    • 2007: got engaged and graduated fiu; fil and my father passed away; got our dogs Cleopatra and Storm
    • 2008: got married; dh's grandmother passed away
    • 2009: Abraham was born; got our THIRD and last dog Sinatra, please help me! lol
    • And what is your greatest wish for 2010? health, love, and happiness, but above all- health!
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    • 2000 - This is when I really got focused in school and decided I wanted to be a civil engineer.
    • 2001
    • 2002 - Graduated from FIU, got engaged, moved in with DH (he bought his first condo), started my career
    • 2003 - Partied it up with DH and planned our wedding
    • 2004  - Got Married ;)
    • 2005 - Had an awesome trip to Amsterdam, Paris and Spain
    • 2006  - Moved to our townhouse, went to San Francisco/Napa got preggo with Mateo
    • 2007 - Had Mateo!! Great year!
    • 2008
    • 2009 - Had Lucas ;)  and passed the PE exam!
    • And what is your greatest wish for 2010? I wish for good health and for new opportunities professionally.
  • Great post! 

    2000: Met MH and fell in love 2001: graduated college and move to MIA to be with MH 2002: started graduate school 2003: my dad passed away, MH graduates college and proposes 2004: get our first real apartment and are married 2005: Elijah is born and I finish graduate school 2006: Our first family vacation 2007 :this year we focused on fixing our credit  and saving $$ to buy a home 2008 : Chelsea is born and we become homeowners 2009 : MH is promoted and we're expecting baby U in the new year 2010: My wish for 2010 is for my children to be healthy and happy, to continue strengthening my marriage and family, and to spend as much time with my loved ones making beautiful memories
  • this is fun :)


    00-Turned 21 in Vegas and got my bad ass bright blue Mustang the day before I left for Vegas...and Mel I lost my V card here...guess we are late bloomers...btw was not in Vegas..was in St Aug :)

    01- Graduated College Dec 15 and started work on the 18th

    02-Had my first fling and met Josh

    03- Got Engaged and got Zoe

    04- Got Married went on a wonderful honeymoon, Work sent me  to Cali and to New Mexico

    05-Work  sent me to Cali again, then to New Mexico and we ended the year with snow in NY.

    06 Had my last work trip to Banff and found out I was pg 

    07 Had Aaron

    08 Went to my first gay wedding in Boston

    09 Josh left working with my family to be on his own, bil lost his job for 6 months, found out about a close family members illness, got pg, terminated pg, got pg again accidentally...didn't work out that time. Went on a cruise. 

    10 Trying to take each day as they come....trying to wait 3 more months to ttc is aggravating to say the least. However I want for all my family to be sick and employed and above all happy. 


    • 2000 - Met DH
    • 2001 - Graduated college
    • 2002 -
    • 2003 - Graduated grad school
    • 2004 - Engagement!
    • 2005 - Wedding!
    • 2006 - Moved into house!
    • 2007 - Started TTC, nephew/godson born
    • 2008 - Vegas baby
    • 2009
    • And what is your greatest wish for 2010? - Become a mommy
    -- Jackie
    "If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane" -- Jimmy Buffett Lilypie Second Birthday tickers
  • imageMellyMelB:

    2001 - This is the year I finally had sex for the first time (I cannot believe that I remember this and that I am admitting this).

    ME TOO!

    -- Jackie
    "If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane" -- Jimmy Buffett Lilypie Second Birthday tickers
  • 2000 - celebrating the millenium!


    2002 - graduated from high school


    2004 - met DH

    2005 - started dating DH

    2006 - graduated from college

    2007 - married my wonderful husband :)

    2008 - really started networking and doing things to start establishing my career

    2009 - graduated law school and had emma!

    And what is your greatest wish for 2010? for emma to have a happy and healthy first year of life and for DH and i to be able to enjoy all of it; to be able to buy a house; and to do well at work and find a good balance between working and being a mom

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  • 2000 - Entered a serious relationship with DH who was my boyfriend at the time

    2001 - Started my senior year of high school

    2002 - Graduated high school in Norway and moved to London

    2003 - Finished a year at Uni in London and moved back to the US

    2004 - Moved to Charlotte, NC

    2005 - Finally moved back to my home state of Florida!

    2006 - Got engaged on DH's 30th birthday!

    2007 - Planned my amazing wedding and had my first professional photoshoot (e-pics!)

    2008 - Got married, went to Hawaii, got pregnant, and gave birth! Whew what a year!

    2009 - Bought our first home and celebrated Jake's 1st birthday

    And what is your greatest wish for 2010? For all of us to keep our good health, I've learned from recent events that that is all that really matters. Apart from good health I hope for DH to find a new job so I can get health insurance
  • Can you seriously believe it's been a DECADE already?!?! Ok, here goes nothing....I'll highlight my biggest years in past 10....


    2001: Graduated High School and later started at the Police Dept.

    2002: Met Sean

    2004: First trip out of the county (to Canada- a place I absolutely love!) and the year we lost Sean's grandmother and got engaged in the hospital before she passed.

    2005: Lost Sean's mother 5 months before we got married and also got pregnant with DD #1

    2006: Became a mother and celebrated our first anniversary in San Francisco

    2007: Pregnant with DD #2

    2008: Became a mother for the 2nd time :)

    2009: Lost Sean's grandfather and began my journey back to nursing school.

    My hopes for 2010? Pay down our debt, would love to try for baby #3, get in better shape and most of all, hope for the health of family and friends.

    May 2010 bring everyone the health and happiness we all deserve!



  • imageMellyMelB:

    Can you believe we are almost at the end of 2009 and about to start a new decade?

    Lets see if you are up to this challenge. Note, at least, one memorable event from each year of this past decade so far.

    • 2000-  I graduated High School!
    • 2001-  Completed 4 semesters at FSU before transferring back to Miami
    • 2002-  Began performing with Just The Funny Improv Comedy Theatre
    • 2003-  was pretty much homeless for about 6 months of this year, got into a lot of trouble and learned a LOT about myself
    • 2004-  Met Peter; was able to perform wtih Second City and The Groundlings
    • 2005-  Got engaged
    • 2006-  Got married!
    • 2007-  Had 2 strokes, was paralyzed and living in the hospital/ICU for a month, learned how to walk, brush my teeth, tie my hair in a pony tail, etc... all over again.
    • 2008-  got pregnant, bought a house and gave birth to my beautiful daughter
    • 2009-  Got pregnant again!
    • And what is your greatest wish for 2010?  I have so many...  but, honestly, and it might sound selfish, but I really want to feel financially secure next year.  I need to find a job and relieve some of the stress and pressure of the financial issues we're facing off of DH.  It's really causing a strain on our relationship and i just want us to be OK again.

    (if you cannot recall a year, just leave it blank)

  • imagecocojack10:

    2001 - This is the year I finally had sex for the first time (I cannot believe that I remember this and that I am admitting this).

    ME TOO!

    lol  you can't believe you remember that??  i remember the year i did!

  • 2000 - met my DH 2001 - turned 21 2002 - graduated with my BS from Univ. of Florida 2003 - my 2nd niece was born 2004 - first trip to the Grand Canyon (and went to AZ on a private jet) 2005 - graduated with my MPH from FIU 2006 - took DH to NYC for the first time for Xmas 2007 - graduated from PA school; got engaged 2008 - got married; got pregnant 2009 - first child was born
    Camryn Grace ~ July 6th, 2009 ~ 7lbs 9oz, 20.5" Lilypie Third Birthday tickers image
    Brayden Richard Drew ~ December 20, 2010~7lbs 9oz, 20" Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

  • 2000 Met my husband and been together since2001 Started to work at my current job.2002 Bought my first new car with my own money...:)2003 Bought our first home2004 Travel to Europe for first time and got engaged2005 Got married and when to Italy, which we loved.2006 Got pregnant and had my so wanted baby boy Diego2007 Graduated MBA from Nova2008 Got pregnant 2009 had our lovely baby girl Sofia2010 Hope we can buy a bigger house but above all....I just really want to keep my job, have a healthy, happy family and the rest just falls to place. I also want to go to church more often. That is more than one
  • 2000: My grandmother passed away

    2001: graduated HS, started FIU

    2002: grandfather passed away, got engaged to my HS sweetheart, started working at my current job


    2004: started planning wedding

    2005: broke up with fianc?, met DH

    2006:moved out on my own, partied like crazy, dated dh on and off

    2007: started dating dh exclusively

    2008: moved in with DH, got engaged, bought a house, found out i was pregnant (all in that order... lol)

    2009: got married and had my son!

    For 2010 I hope for health and happiness... and hopefully start trying for baby #2!

  • 2000: Moved to Florida with DH and began living together

    2001: Bought our first house


    2003: Got engaged


    2005: Got married

    2006: Bought our 2nd house, got pregnant with our first baby

    2007: Nicholas was born

    2008: Moved back to NYC

    2009: Got pregnant with our 2nd baby, lost my beloved grandmother

    2010: Our baby girl will be born in March. My greatest wish for the rest of the year is to be thin again and for God to grant me more patience!! 

  • 2000: lost my virginity

    2001: graduated H.S


    2003: broke up with my a-hole bf and hooked up with my future hubby

    2004: moved in with my future hubby on Jan 1st, got engaged in Dec

    2005: planned my wedding

    2006:got married, went to NYC for the first time, LOVED IT!


    2008: got a beautiful baby boy!

    2009: graduated college!!!!

    For 2010 I hope for nothing but happy news! and a job I enjoy.

    • 2000 - went to Europe with ex
    • 2001 - started going out with DH, graduated with my BA, started working at MDC
    • 2002 - got engaged, began graduate school
    • 2003 - bought our first home
    • 2004 - got married, went to Disney, St. Augustine and St. Lucia in an almost 1-month honeymoon. DH's grandfather passed away. Anniv trip to Victoria, Canada.
    • 2005 - Anniv trip to Williamsburg and Bedford, VA, DH's grandmother passed away.
    • 2006 - graduated with my MA, went to Montreal, Canada, found out I was pg
    • 2007 - had L, my grandma passed away
    • 2008 - my dad passed away
    • 2009 - began working at BC, dad's cousin and my uncle passed away, had first summer off, DH's other grandmother passed away.
    For 2010, I hope no one dies (but that's going to be hard seeing as my uncle is in really bad condition because of stomach cancer). I wish for health and love and family time, and I wish for L to build his immune system so he doesn't get sick so much! I also wish for a healthy year for all my friends and family. 
    • 2000 - Got my first apt. (renting) on my own.
    • 2001 - My parents moved out to Florida from PR. I moved in with them.
    • 2002 - I bought my first condo. Paternal Grandmother passed away.
    • 2003 - Met DH and began long distance dating and got engaged, all within 3mos. of meeting.
    • 2004 - We got married in Hawaii (sept), then Dec renewed vows in FL.
    • 2005 - Moved to Hawaii, traveled the islands, started working at the day care on base.
    • 2006 - Traveled some more, mom visited me with my uncle in Hawaii. Was taking online classes.
    • 2007 - Went to PR to do my internship. Moved to Japan, got pregnant.
    • 2008 - Had our amazing little boy and traveled to Florida and Puerto Rico. 3 babies were born within 1month of eachother. Found out Ayden has ASD and it's not closing on it's own.  
    • 2009 - Graduated from college in PR, had our first family reunion, my paternal grandfather and uncle both passed and Shaun's only cousin.
    For 2010, I want nothing more than health for everyone around us, and I wouldn't mind if Shaun gets selected as Officer.
  • 2000: Met DH; went skiing for the first time

    2001: Got engaged; turned 30; got my Bachelor?s degree!

    2002: Was granted an annulment by the Catholic church so I could remarry in church (wouldn?t have been a big deal if I didn?t get it, but it was important to me at the time)

    2003: Got married

    2004: My rottie, Thunder, passed away (he was only 6, had a cancerous tumor); Started TTC

    2005: Sold our house (it was my first house Sad ; bought it with my exH when I was 23); found a great new house in Broward

    2006: Moved to Broward; started new job

    2007: This was a really tough year for us; we did several IUI treatments without success, I was pretty depressed/stressed about not being able to get pg and finally in December (after 3 years of TTC we decided to just give up)

    2008: Found out in December that we were finally pg!!!!!

    2009: Had a great pregnancy and delivered Hunter in August Big Smile


    For 2010 I hope for good health and peace for all my family and friends!

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