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Postpartum Depression

when did you know

that something was up and that the anxiety/ and or depression was more then just normal stress of having a newborn?

Re: when did you know

  • when i read the girlfriend's guide to the first year and there were stories of women who had experienced the same irrational feelings that i was feeling...it was several months into the depression.
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  • when I couldnt sleep when baby slept and when my thoughts were racing. Crying and massive mood swings also were a good indicator, all this surfaced at 3mos.
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  • I went on meds once I learned that detachment is a symptom.  That was horrible.  I didn't really realize what a mess I had been until I was on meds. and was doing better.  No matter what, it's definitely worth going on meds. IMO.
  • When I was so angry and resentful that I often imagined just leaving, as in abandoning my family and never coming home.  I also would get extremely frustrated with the crying/fussing and would have visions of shaking my children until they stopped.  I knew that it was the wrong reaction and I always placed them in a safe place or with my husband and left for awhile until I could be a mom again.  I also had visions of hitting my husband because every little thing he did or didn't do set me off.  I told my husband that I didn't think it was a good idea to be left alone with the kids and he told me it was time to get help, so I did.
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