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Hello Ladies,

Anyone have any experience with the Cambridge Birthing Center? I have an appointment with ?them in two weeks, week 9, and would love to hear about other people's experiences.




Re: Cambridge Birthing Center

  • Not personally, but I have a friend who had an excellent experience there.  And the set-up seems awesome to me.  I decided not to go there b/c they risk people out pretty quickly...I didn't want to have something minor happen and get whisked across the street to the hospital in the middle of labor...
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  •  I will be giving birth at the cambridge birth center in 4-5 weeks time if I continue to be low risk, which I should be =)


    I personally know 3 couples who have given birth there and they all loved their experience.  Because it is rare to have a birth center to be affiliated with the hospital, they have to be more careful. Even if you do end up getting transferred, they have midwives at the hospital. I also know of people who have given birth at the hospital and enjoyed the experience!

    If you have any questions, feel free to let me know! I will check back to this message board again.

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