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Pediatrician Recommendations on the N Shore?

Hi.  Can anyone recommend a pediatrician in or around Salem? 

 Thank you!

Re: Pediatrician Recommendations on the N Shore?

  • I am in Salem as well and am looking for one too.  Hopefully someone will have some recommendations.
  • we LOVE our pediatrician.  Dr. Eric Sleeper at Garden City Pediatrics in Beverly.  it's in the office building across from the hospital.  my son was 6wks early and he came and  visited him every morning while he was in the NICU, also he is younger, in his 30's and just had a baby himself, so he seems like more of a friend than a Dr. 

  • We use Pediatric Health Care Associates, which has offices in Salem and Peabody (Peabody is open nights and weekends for urgent appts) as well as Reading and Melrose. Awesome practice with good docs. We use Dr. Pergament, who is in Salem 2 days/week. We;ve always been able to get appts at any of the offices and they are good about taking sick appts and have a 24-hour nurse line, which is great with an infant. Google them for more info.
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