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Leominster Hospital-Any Reviews


 I am 16 weeks prego with our 2nd child and  I am going to a different hospital as I had an awful time with Franklin Hospital in Greenfield. We are going to the Leominster Hospital and I was wondering if anyone had a reviews. Good or bad I cant take it.




Re: Leominster Hospital-Any Reviews

  • ugh - I just typed out response and the computer ate it :(

     I delievered there in August 2007, and had a great experience.  I was there for 6 days total, due to an emergency c-section.  It turned out to be the busiest week they've ever had in the maternity ward, but you'd never have known it. It was really rather quiet, and the nurses were on top of everything. They were all soooo nice.  We left DS in the nursery, and the first night I had the strength to walk him there, he wouldn't stop crying. I was rocking him and bawling my eyes out, and one of the nurses came over and took him and promised me she'd rock him until he fell asleep.

    The next morning she brought him to me and said she rocked him most of the night because he was so sweet and snuggly :)  She was a pedi nurse that was filling in, and we ended up having her for a nurse twice a year later when DS had to be on the pedi floor.  She recognized us right away and she even bought DS a stuffed animal from the gift shop.

     Who is your doctor? I only had one I didn't like, and I only  had him for one appointment and never saw him again thankfully!

  • Well I have a doctor in Athol but I heard good things about leominster. Right now it is between leominster and Heywood in Gardner, They are trying to determine if I am high risk at the moment since I had such complications with my daughter. HIgh blood pressure, protein in my urine towards the end and after birth I had to be rushed back cause my lungs were filling with fluid and they thought I was having congestive heart failure. MY bP was 220/114!! craziness.

  • Wow crazy.

     Hope it goes smoother this time!  I don't know anything about Heywood.

     I do plan on going back for baby #2 when the time comes, no complaints!

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