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I need a break from my kids.

I really just need a break.  Tyler isn't napping, I think he is giving up his naps.  He is in his room destroying it instead of napping, I put him in there almost 2 hours ago and don't want to go get him.  Bri is just miserable lately.  It is like nothing I do or no where I put her makes her happy.  DH's company xmas party is Friday night, but we aren't going because of the kids.  The party is 45 min away and starts at bed time.  No one else can/will handle my kids, even my DH.  I don't ever get time away from them, I can't even take a shower without at least one kid in the bathroom with me!!  I want to go back to work just to get away but it wouldn't be worth it with the cost of two kids n daycare and the stress from my MIL by refusing to let them stay with her (she is crazy!).  I feel so guilty.  And the stress of the holidays doesn't help, Christmas is going to suck so bad when Ty opens his presents, then an hour later we have to rip him away from them to go visit family.  And to top it off, I am getting a head cold!

Re: I need a break from my kids.

  • I'm sorry you're so stressed.  I wish I had some words of advice for you.  Is there any way you can put the kids down for bed (maybe a little early) and then have a sitter come over so you can go to the party?  Yes, you'd be late, but at least you'd get out for a bit.
  • Can your DH watch them for a few hours when he gets home from work so you can get out for a bit??  I know you said he can't handle them (not sure how seriously you meant that) but you really need some "me time". 
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  • I am in a similar boat.. I never get out any more, I feel like I have no life.  Yesterday I put my toddler down for her nap and took the baby in th ebathroom with me to shower.  And wouldn't u know the toddler was screaming on the monitor so loud that the baby woke up.  It was basically a typical day of jumping out of the shower with shampoo in my hair to give a bottle, rinse off, jump out to bounce the bouncer, jump in the shower, out to dry off, bounce the baby naked, put on my bra, put the baby down and run into my toddler's room to yell at her to take a nap, look for a pair of underwear, bounce the baby.. etc etc.. it took me like 20 minutes to get dressed and even get around to getting my hair dryer out.

    I love being a mom and a SAHM but it is also really stressful.  I live in sweatpants, I go 4 days without washing my hair, the kids are always screaming, I never get peace and quiet.  And my newborn pretty much can only be calmed by me, so I don't leave her with others.. and I pretty much hold her all day and I sleep next to her in her room since she's up during the night.

    Glad you can commiserate, but I'm sorry :(

  • I'm really sorry - I wrote a bit in Arctic's post above....but just wanted to say you're not alone. Mommyhood is so hard - harder for some, obviously. But I like to focus on the saying "this too shall pass" and think about how it will get better.

    But personally...if DH wants more than 2 kids...I'm going back to work or hiring a nanny. I'm basing this on how tough Evan was as a maybe #2 will change my mind about that. But I doubt it.

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