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Postpartum Depression

How are you? How are your LOs?


still confused and feeling disoriented with so many things. I did however get a full night sleep (1st time in 3 weeks) last night since my mom came to stay.  It has made a difference tremendously.  I started taking my Klonopin today and will dump an ounce (6 hours after I take it) from my breastmilk to play it safe (even though it's been known to be safe while BF)....I err on caution these days with everything.

I feel like everythign has changed and I'm trying so hard to get a sense of "normal" back.


Cant' believe how big he is getting and filing out so nicely.  I'm still concerned about how he wants to feed so sporadically but my doctor is going against popular opinion and is insisting to feed him every 3 hours on a schedule (the horror of it all).  I will try it out since the ON DEMAND feeding really hasn't worked very well - it just stressed me and my baby seemed so much more fussy with it.  He'd eat every hour or so and just a little bit and it just exasperated me.

I am starting to just pump and feed from bottle since I got too worked up wondering if he was latching on correctly and why he was so fidgety on the breast.  This way, I'm not prisoner to his feedings and I can spend some time gaining control of my new role while someone else can feed him.

I'm praying this will all help in the long run.

I pray you are all doing well.


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Re: How are you? How are your LOs?

  • Just wanted to say that when DD was first born we were on a 3 hr feeding schedule as well, because she showed lack of appetite and kept losing weight. It worked out very well. I also think it made it easier to get her on a good routine once she got older, which made everyone's life a little easier.

    When she was 1 wo, I also switched from BFing to EPing, because I was convinced I wasn't producing enough, which is why she was losing weight. Ends up I was right. Being able to pump & measure how much she was getting from me (and then supplementing with formula) took so much worry off of my mind. It also helped ease the pressure on me a bit, since others could help with feedings.

    I think you're on the right track. It will get better.

  • ME:

    I am doing well today, lo slept an entire 6 hour stretch, and it has made a huge difference. I had an uninterrupted lunch, and will likely catch up on some reading while lo naps. Also, it might snow this weekend, so here's to hoping for lo's first snow! 

    I think I am starting to respond to the medicine, because my son and I have had a few days of simply enjoying one another. That hasn't happened since he was born. And it was heartbreaking.  



    He is getting so big! He is likely 12 pounds already. As I mentioned above, he slept a 6 hour stretch, and woke up to eat, poop, and go back down for a nap. He is smiling at me constantly, and has mastered the silent laugh. It has made this whole experience so much easier. 

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  • ME: I am hanging in there. Last night was a rough night - crying and feeling just awful (I actually asked DH if we could put DS up for adoption) and soon after I had a horrible asthma attack and then we realized I had a fever and was probably sick. I went to the doctor today and it turns out I have broncitis but thankfully my mother is here to help me since I am sick. I go back to my doctor in a week and we will further discuss whether I need counseling or not. I wanted to give the Zoloft a bit longer to work.

    BABY: We think he has a slight case of colic as he is starting to get really fussy ever day around 4pm (this is what set me off yesterday) until about 7pm. We bought some gripe water today and so far it seems to be helping. We weighed and measured him today out of curiosity and he has grown two inches in the three weeks since birth and gained two pounds. He also slept in his crib in his own room for the first time today for a nap (he is in a bassinet in our room right now) and even just having him in there for a bit made me feel better - kinda like I could take a little break, you know?

    I hope everyone is doing okay as well. I am so grateful to all of you for the support I've found here.

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