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how do i get crayon out of khaki pants?

Re: how do i get crayon out of khaki pants?

  • from Crayola's site:

    How to remove Crayons (Regular) from fabrics-fresh stains/heat-set stains(melted):

    Cleaning Materials
    Laundry detergent
    Bleach for colored clothing (Clorox 2? or OxiClean powder)
    Paper towels
    Amodex? ink & stain remover (optional)
    WD-40? (car part lubricant)
    Liquid dish soap

    Stain Removal Tips
    Place the stained surface down on pad of paper towels, spray with WD-40, let stand a few minutes, turn fabric over and spray the other side. Apply liquid dish soap and work into the stained area, replacing toweling as it absorbs the stain. Wash in hot water with laundry detergent and Clorox 2 or OxiClean powder for about 12 minutes (use heavy soiled setting if there is no minute timer on your machine) and rinse in warm water.      

        (Optional)-Amodex? ink & stain remover     PROCEDURE:   Use on fabric according to directions on container.    Purchase Amodex by calling 800-624-7367 or visit 


    baby Mae

  • thanks, jenn!  i should have thought to look at their website.  pg brain!
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