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Me= PW today

Well, Justin has that horrible rash so I've been slathering him in desitin. He was walking around just now and used this big Styrofoam hammer 2 knock a bunch of stuff off of our table. I was in the kitchen but when I got into the room he just ran away laughing. Well as I'm cleaning up the mess, I look over and he's licking Desitin off of his fingers/hands.He had snatched the tube when it fell off the table.

I figured not good, but no big deal. Well... the tube says "if swallowed seek medical attention immediately". Oh crap. I called WNY poison control and she had me read the label. He barely ate any at all but she said that even with 1/2 a tube the 10% zinc oxide would cause upset tummy/diarreha at worst. The warning is more of a "better safe than sorry". Phew! This must be how people get gray hair!

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Re: Me= PW today

  • what a little stinker...I hope he doesnt have too much of a blow out...
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  • LOL.. Eve has been eating desitin lately too..she manages to get it on her hands whenever i change her diaper.  And for some reason the stuff gets stuck under my fingernails so even after I wash my hands if I bite my nails I keep getting it in my mouth.. it tastes GROSS.

    Anyway. I am sure you are not the first mom to call poison control about something like that.. They probably get calls like that all the time.
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  • He is keeping you on your toes today!
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