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Could be a dumb ?

I haven't gotten a PP AF yet (I'm BFing)....does this mean I'm not ovulating at all? I forget how that works!

Re: Could be a dumb ?

  • Not necessarily :)  You could start ovulating again and get a period anytime, and you wouldn't know when to expect that to happen.  I BF til 16 months, and I started getting periods at 9 months. 
  • It just means you haven't completed a full cycle yet!  You will get your first AF two weeks after your first PP ovulation.  So you can get pg again without having an AF!  It happened to two moms in our meetup group.  One at 6 months when she started solids, the other at 3 months when she started supplimenting.
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  • You can definitely get pregnant!  Be careful :)
  • I know I can get pg-I'm on the mini pill. I was just wondering since I haven't gotten AF yet, I can assume I haven't ovulated yet (since I'm not pg or had AF).
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