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Boogers keep waking us up!

For the last month, Brianna has been up several times a night with a dry, booger filled nose and can't breath!  We have installed a house humidifier and keep the humidity just above 60% which is pretty high.  All the windows have a lot of condensation on them it is so humid!  But she still keeps waking trying to breath.  I put saline solution up there and try to suction those big thick boogers out, but it doesn't help much.  I just want to sleep and this seems like a preventable thing that I just can't figure out!!!  Help!!

Re: Boogers keep waking us up!

  • sounds like you're doing the right thing. our doc said to use the saline drops and suck out the nose even if we don't see anything. so maybe doing that before bedtime may help prevent large boogers. good luck!
  • My niece and nephew have crazy dry booger noses - like all the time. My sister's ped is now treating my nephew for allergies...maybe look into that?

    How about elevating the head of her bed a little?

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