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Do you rock your kids to sleep still?  I still do this for naps and at night.  However, I don't think he needs to be rocked to sleep, I just like to have that time with him.  I'm sure things will change once the baby is born.  I guess I'm wondering if maybe I shouldn't do this?  I don't want it to back- fire and then him not be able to go to sleep without me doing this.  His sitter doesn't do it though and he naps fine at her house.  Just curious what others are doing.
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Re: ? for Moms of toddlers

  • Nope we don't rock to sleep anymore, although sometimes I will lay down with Em until she falls asleep.
  • Gibby- that might be hard for you to do since your girls are a little older :o)  I will not be doing that when Justin is their age.....hehe.  However, I can see the laying down with them.
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  • No we stopped when we weaned him and did CIO at around 16 months.  Now I read to him, and them I rock him while I sing to him but after the song, he goes in his bed to go to sleep on his own.
  • I don't rock her until she's sleeping, but she is rocked for a little while before going in the crib.  We have been places where there is no rocking chair, and she goes down just fine without it.
  • LOL Sunny- yes now they are too old for rocking, but I didn't rock when thry were younger either. I stopped rocking around 15 months
  • Yes, I still sing and rock him before bedtime, but not for the purpose of putting him to sleep. 

    Funny thing, the other night as I was about to get up and put him in his bed, he held on to me tightly and said, "No mommy, one more song."  Yup, made me melt.

  • We haven't done it in over a year since we did the Ferber method. He'd actually rather just lay down in his bed to go to sleep than to cuddle. I do miss it, but am glad that he's figured out how to do it on his own.
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