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High Risk Doctors in Boston

Does anyone have a recommendation(s) for high risk doctors in Boston or the surrounding area?  I'm looking for one at Brigham and Women's, Mass General, Beth Israel etc??? 

Re: High Risk Doctors in Boston

  • I'm dealing with Tufts-NEMC in chinatown. I'm in their Maternal Fetal Medicine clinic and it's really great! It was highly recommended by a friend, and I've met others there from up to an hour away. Tufts has an inpatient unit for pregnant women with complications as well. that makes me feel better cuz I'd hate to be stuck on a "regular floor" where they know less about OB care. 


  • I also go to Tufts with Dr Marino, I love her!
  • Brigham ans womans is a grat hospital to check since it is commected to BOston Childrens hospital. I don;t know a specific doc to refer you to, but I delevered at Brighams and felt confident that if anything went wrong then we were in a good place.
  • I am seeing Dr. Platek, she works out of Brigham and Women's and she also consults through Harvard Vanguard.  She is excellent. 
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  • I have a visit with Dr. Platek in January.  My regular OB who is out of Post Office Square reffered me to her. 

    I've been to Beth Israel to see a high risk doctor and he said I would need a regular OB and he would consult with her on my case.  I'm hoping Dr. Platek can take me as a patient for my next pregnancy.  I don't want a high risk doctor and a regular OB.

    Is Dr. Platek your high risk doctor or your regular OB who just happens to be high risk? 


  • I see Dr. McElrath at Brigham and Women's.  He's not warm and fuzzy but is a nice guy and has been great so far.  I'm a high-risk pregnancy due to an autoimmune disease and am 23 weeks along.  Check out http://www.brighamandwomens.org/mfm/default.aspx# and http://physiciandirectory.brighamandwomens.org/directory/list.asp?dbase=main&setsize=30&mkt_display=Y&div_id=108 for more info.


    Best of luck!

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