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new here...

I have been on the first tri board, just realized there is a local board!

 I live south of Boston and will be delivering at NWH in early July.

Re: new here...

  • Congrats and H&H 9 months.  This board is pretty slow but we have all been trying to get it moving.  How is your 1st Tri going??
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  • Hi...

     Thanks, H&H 9 months to you too. 

    1st Tri is going pretty well, very hungry and tired!!  How are you doing?

  • oh I'm not expecting, just having fun TTC Wink  I hope to join your club soon. 
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  • welcome..but I will warn you that this board is pretty slow.
  • Congrats. I also live south of Boston. I am due in April with a little girl. This board is really slow!!!Big Smile
  • Hey there!  Congratulations!

    I'm in North Boston and expectig early July too!  So exciting

  • hey! I'm in the Boston area too and due 2 days after you! :]
    I'm at Tufts-NEMC since I'm high-risk.  
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