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i know something is wrong

this isnt baby blues. however i cant get help because my insurance has decided to temporarily drop me...yay go me.


on another note...

Hubby and I constantly  fight because he spends more time with his boyfriend(the neighbor who I call his boyfriend) than he does with his son or me...me I can live but his son. Just to stand outside smoke cigarettes, drink beer and talk about the effing motorcycles.  Don't worry about me honey I got the screaming baby, no I don't need help making the bottle(cause I just finished washing them and hadn't gotten a chance to prep them yet) while juggling sed screaming baby. No go ahead and play with your effing boyfriend!


This is all way too much, I'm gonna blow my effing brains out here soon.


sorry vent over...blah

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Re: i know something is wrong

  • Time to have a hot bath and nap. don't take no for an answer.
  • I think you deserve a drink! It gets better from here I promise. Well atleast with the screaming baby part, and lack of sleep.
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  • I guilted DH into taking LO for his nap so I could go hide in the bedroom and bump with a glass of wine and attempt to calm down...isn't working too well.
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  • {{hugs}} I'm sorry you're having a hard time. I swear it's like sometimes men don't get it at all. I think you need to talk to him, seriously. Like PP said, don't take no for an answer, you need help.?

    My other advice is (stupid computer is acting up, sorry about the font) to tell

    him when you need help.

    They aren't so good at always seeing that you need help, so tell him.?

  • Check out this site and call the hotline so you can get the help you need!



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  • You might be having PPD or you are just burnt out w/a crummy support system.  You need a heart to heart with your DH and as soon as possible you need to get into some marriage counseling.  I would start from there but if your blues are getting worse, call your OB and get in no matter what it costs.  You can't risk it getting too serious.
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  • You need to communicate exactly what you want your significant other to do to help because he probably not get it otherwise.
  • You're still in what I call the crazy time!  It does get much better!  I'd say by about 6 weeks.  It's insane before that.  You're sleep deprived and super hormonal.  It would be easier if your DH were more supportive though.  My DH was great and I feel like I was still crazy the first 6 weeks.  I think that a lot of the time it's hard for the Dad's at first.  They can't really bond with them like we do early on.  I think it gets easier for them when the baby gets a little older and can interact with them more.  I'd say just try to get to the 6 week point and if you're not feeling better you should definitely seek help.  Your DH should be more helpful until then though :)
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  • I'm sorry your DH is not so supportive.  Mine is also having trouble adjusting his priorities.  He loves us but he still wants his old lifestyle.  I'm slowly working on him though.  What helps is using the moby wrap.  I can wear him and he will fall asleep easily.  I can wash my face, eat lunch, do laundry or just fall asleep on the couch with him.  I feel a lot better having some independence and baby is happy too.  Have you tried it?
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